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Alternative ending of the movie ”1408” (2007)


Fans of high-quality horror thrillers in general and Stephen King's work in particular must have watched 1408. And, most likely, more than once. Surely someone, having checked out this masterpiece alone, revisited it later with a friend, girlfriend, wife, husband to show them the standard of what good horror films should be. But few people know that Mikael Hofstrom also filmed an alternative ending for the film "1408".

Let's consider both versions in more detail, and in the end compare them with the version of Stephen King himself. We think many will be interested.

What and whom the picture is about

The film "1408" turned out to be good even without director's endings. And he talked about "the unbeliever's Thomas" - the writer Mike Enslin, who wrote several blockbusters in his lifetime in which various kinds of paranormalism appeared, after which he happily fell into a kind of creative stupor. In order to return to the "writing norm", he specially visits mansions, motels or hotels, which, according to the owners, are home to poltergeists, ghosts and other mystical nonsense.


Until now, he only came across scammers who, with the help of such rumors, simply tried to draw attention to their "hotel-type establishments", the "attendance" of which left much to be desired. But this time ...

This time he hit the spot.

The scriptwriters who reinterpreted and expanded Enslin's insights did not focus on whether the writer believed in God, ghosts and other paranormal evil before his little daughter died of an incurable disease. But now he appears before us as the most inveterate pragmatist, atheist and adherent of rational thinking, who explains his position like everyone else like him: “Until I see it myself, I will not believe anything.”

Next, we learn that he traveled through the "hotbeds of the paranormal" and tried to prove the existence of spirits, ghosts and other "astral dregs", not by chance. Indeed, if they exist, then, most likely, there is God, and paradise, and the afterlife in general. And if so, then somewhere in some irrational version of life, his deceased daughter may exist.


But he was completely unprepared for the truth that he saw, and which he had to endure during more than an hour in the dangerous room of the Dolphin Hotel.

And no matter how hotel manager Gerald Olin warned him, any attentive person would immediately understand that with his warnings and refusals, he only added fuel to the fire.

In fact, he really hoped that the writer would enter this room and figure out what lives there, dotting the "i" and dispelling the fog over the mystery of "poltergeist number 1408" once and for all, bringing him to clean water.

The usual ending of the movie "1408"

After the writer's daughter returned by the number crumbled to dust in his arms, and a woman's voice in the ringing phone kindly provided him with the gallows for "discharge", Mike already decided to back down. He understood perfectly well that the crap that had infiltrated the room would not let anyone out of here.


But the mistake of the voice was that he told the shirt about his ex-wife, who was heading here. And then his plan instantly matured. In order to prevent his spouse from entering this trap, he took, and set fire to this "self-confident number". Well, he himself burned down in it, as usual, having burned with itself something that had taken possession of it, feeding on the souls (or what?) Of the guests.

Next, we were shown Mike's funeral, where Gerald Olin stuck to his wife with his casket. According to him, it contains “some personal belongings of the deceased,” or, to be more precise, a dictaphone with the writer's last recording, which she might want to listen to.

She didn't want to. In the theatrical version of the film "1408" I did not leave a record to Olin and he, happy, sat in the car, let's enjoy it with might and main. But when he heard the taped voice of Mike's daughter, who was not supposed to be in the room, his eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. And then he saw the burned zombie writer himself in the back seat.

But the writer, or rather, his ghost, while smoking his ghostly cigarette, looked out of the window of the burnt and lifeless room 1408 for the last time, looked around, and disappeared back home, leaving for the voice of his daughter.

Alternative ending of the movie "1408"

In the director's cut, Mike survived. He was rescued by firefighters, and later his wife visited him in the hospital. Even later, Mike of the director's version of the film "1408", scribbling something at the computer (apparently, he got inspiration) decides to listen to the burned-out tape recorder, to which his wife is skeptical, irritable, displeased, until together with her husband she hears a voice on this tape daughter.

And then the spouses got their eyes on the forehead.

Let's go through both versions in a row. In the next video, the alternate ending of the movie "1408" follows the theatrical ending.

And now it's time to find out what was the ending of the "tragedy" from the master of horrors and the author of the idea.

Ending of Stephen King's original short story "1408"

Who read the story, he knows that deep family experiences and most of the other hangouts were invented by screenwriters Matt Greenberg, Scott Alexander and Larry Kratsevski from the head. But this is the case when the fictional details fit perfectly and make the film a great picture.

Everything is simple here. The writer, who does not believe in spirits, spends the night in all hotels and motels with a "mystical" background until he stumbles upon a real "rubbish" like the one that lived in the Overlook Hotel, known to everyone from the novel The Shining.

According to the story, it turns out that some strange mystical entity "nestled" in the wall of the room.


And then, after all that he had experienced, Mike would have strangled himself if he had not seen the inscription on the matchbox: "Close the book before striking the match." The inscription is an ordinary banter, a joke, but it was she who destroyed the creature that lived in the room. Mike spontaneously grabbed the matches and gave the "monster number 1408" hell of fire.

And by the way, he survived. True, he forgot almost everything that happened to him in the room. And after that I could not write. And until the end of his life he was afraid of wired phones.


Which version is better is up to you. By all appearances, the alternative ending of the film "1408" was sharpened for the continuation. But it didn't happen. And there was a film adaptation of King's "Mobile", which failed miserably, because the script for it was written just sucks. They would have shot exactly from the book, it would have been much better.

We like both endings. And the movie is not bad. Those who haven't watched have lost a lot. While the holidays are going on, there is time to catch up.

And on this we say goodbye to you. Wish you all the best, good health and, as always, more cool movies and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman