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Robert Downey Jr.: The Reincarnation of Iron Man in Aibolit


Despite the fact that we will meet at least once with Iron Man ("in" Black Widow ", for example), Robert Downey Jr. has already switched to his new projects with might and main, one of which will be Stephen Gaygan's film "The Amazing Journey of Dr. Dolittle," where he will play the role of Dr. Dolittle himself, that is, in our opinion, Aibolit.

How suitable is this role for him and will the viewer not have Iron Man, dying in the death of the brave, constantly looming before his eyes while watching the picture? We only learn about this by going to the cinema. In the meantime, let's skim through the main character and his Soviet rehash.

Who was first, Doctor Dolittle or Aibolit?

Despite the fact that all grandmothers and grandfathers will sobbingly prove that Korney Chukovsky's Aibolit is the original source and primordially his brainchild, he, nevertheless, was precisely a rehash of the American character of Hugh Lofting's works about the doctor "Do little", that is , Doctor Do Small.

Another association is widespread in our country - the doctor "blew a liter", by the way, is the best fit. A liter of moonshine blew in, and there he, against the backdrop of the "squirrel" that came, and got a fancy that he had acquired the gift of understanding animals.

The first stories about Dr. Dolittle were published in 1920. The first fairy tales about Aibolit - in 1924. Plus, in the early Soviet editions there was always a line "according to Guy Lofting", and in the very first translation ordered by the publishing house, the book was called: "Guy Lofting. Dr. Aibolit. For small children, it was recounted by K. Chukovsky.


It was later that Chukovsky had already begun a "global rewrite" of Lofting's works. So, the characters of fairy tales about Aibolit did not appear out of the blue. Aibolit himself became the Soviet version of Doctor Dolittle, Avva was born from a dog named Jeep, a pig Oink-Oink - from Jab-Jab, the doctor's sister - Barbara from Dolittle's sister Sarah, and the cannibal Barmalei sucked into himself as many as two characters - the leader of the natives Dzholinginka and a pirate Ben Ali.

But the new version of Dolittle after the modern upgrade will look more colorful and tailored for the mass audience, and not just for small toddlers. So it will be interesting. And given that the role of the doctor himself will be played by Robert Downey Jr., and in general.

Who was the first Doctor Dolittle?

The role of Doctor Dolittle in the very first film adaptation of Lofting's works back in 1958 was played by Rex Harrison. The film was nominated for an Oscar in 7 categories, and won two of them - for best song and best special effects.


But the later version of 1998, in which Eddie Murphy himself played the role of Dolittle, became more popular and successful at the box office.


Three years later, a sequel was released, which was no less successful than the first film with a black comedian who was at the peak of his popularity at the time.

Will Dr. Dolittle make Robert Downey Jr.?

We can only judge about this when we watch the film itself. Or, at worst, a trailer for it.

It turned out quite well for us. A little, of course, gives off an admixture of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, but ... Now the great actor does not leave in connection with the death of one of the foremost Avengers to rest.


Overseas viewers are very, very lucky. They have the movie "The Amazing Journey of Dr. Dolittle" with Robert Downey Jr. starring will be released on New Years, January 1, 2020. Great New Year's gift for citizens, right? Guy Ritchie's Gentlemen will also be released at the same time.

In our country, these masterpieces have been pushed back in the premier grid by as much as a month, that is, to February. And instead of them we will be offered to look at the New Year's next mediocre and tasteless creation of Fyodor Bondarchuk"Invasion",that is, a continuation of his idiotic "Attraction". So, let's say thank you to our film industry and we will be content with little during the holidays.

On this deplorable note, we will say goodbye. We wish you good autumn days and a pleasant mood. And of course, more cool movies and TV shows. They are always in the mood with them!

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