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September 2020 TV Shows: New Seasons


Feature Films were talked about last week, now it's time to talk about the September 2020 series. This material contains only the best shows, which will acquire new seasons at the beginning of autumn. Of course, the leaders of the rating of expectations are the projects "Boys" from Amazon and "Fargo" from FX, but we will start in the order of the series' release.

The rating of the series by KinoPoisk is indicated immediately after the name of the TV channel (streaming service).

Biology Course (NBC) 6.59

Season 3, Thursday September 3

Our top of the best TV series September 2020 begins with a banter on a teaching topic. On a lovely warm autumn day, brakes screech outside a local high school, followed by the crash of a car crashing into a brick post. Bored high school students jump up from their seats and stick to the window to see the most interesting. Some guy gets out of the sedan that has rammed the school sign and goes to the trunk while another guy runs across the road to him with claims, they say, you idiot, what are you doing? At this moment, the carrier takes a tire iron from the trunk, after which the disgruntled city dweller immediately flees.

Imagine the amazement of the students when the driver, who first entered the school building, and after a while appeared in the classroom, threw the tire iron on the table and introduced himself to them as a new biology teacher.

Until recently, the driver turned out to be a professor from Harvard Jack Griffin, who for some reason was forced to leave his home in Cambridge and return to Ohio, to his hometown of Toledo. There are not as many jobs here as we would like. And given that at the time he would only have the profession of "mental labor", the list of vacancies was completely reduced to one - to a biology teacher at a local school.

No way to go. But it is not yet a fact that Jack Griffin will study biology with his students. A philosophy professor to condescend to the evolution of species and other botanical and biological rubbish?

No really. Jack will wrap everything up in his own way, turning his lessons into something that is useful, first of all, to himself. His main teaching principle is: “I'm not going to teach you. And if at least someone opens a mitten, I'll just slap him a pair. ”

And oddly enough, some of this learning style has only benefited.

Guys (Amazon) 8.18

Season 2, Friday September 4

Next on our list of September 2020 series is a project that will go to anyone, even those who have a persistent allergy to the superhero theme from birth. Despite the fact that it is also staged according to, as they say now, "graphic novels", it is so different from the style of all other "superheroics" and is so close to reality (with the exception of the superhero abilities themselves, of course) that it will pleasantly surprise anyone.

Among the countless parallel universes, often called in our universe - "cinematic universes", there is a universe where people with any psychic abilities are born with enviable regularity. For similarity, you can cite the Marvel's universe of the X-Men.

But not every homegrown hero can become a superhero, a member of the so-called "Seven", doing good deeds strictly according to the order and under the auspices of the "Vought International" corporation. Although, everyone dreams about it.

The problem lies in the fact that "good deeds" are often performed here regardless of the amount of "permissible collateral damage", that is, accidental deaths, on account of which the relatives of the victims are immediately shut their mouths. The monopoly on "superheroism", as it turns out, is a profitable thing, and where big money is spinning, there is no place for pity or conscience, and the decency and pretentious love for ordinary fellow citizens in the most famous superheroes from "Vought" is manifested only in news footage or advertisements.

To put the presumptuous superheroes in place volunteered with his own hand the former policeman Billy Butcher, suspiciously similar to Dr. McCoy from onStartreck ,who also has his own personal scores for the center hero of the "Seven" - Patriot Homelander, suspiciously similar to the self-proclaimed sheriff Lucas Hood from the TV series "Banshee" (who have not watched, we recommend everyone).

To his team, he recruits the same simple guys like himself ("simple" - in the sense of "not having any superpowers"), who also have a grudge against the superheroes from "Seven". But despite their apparent vulnerability, they act tough and decisive and already manage to incapacitate a couple of superheroes.

In particular, they sent the "Invisible" to the next world, after which a new heroine came to the vacant place in the seven - the young "Starlight", who could very well become a "double agent".

Grand (Start) 7.05

Season 4, September 4, Friday

A steam locomotive called "Hotel Eleon" accelerated so that you can't stop it. At cruising speed, he broke through the wall of the finale of the third season, with full steam plunging his "kangaroo" into the continuation of his spin-off called "Grand". Here he was heated up so that he immediately swept through three seasons, planning to pierce the fourth in early September.

A fifth-year student of one of the Barnaul universities Ksyusha, who jumped into it at full speed, drives a steam locomotive, repainted from the colors of the Hotel Eleon in the colors of the Grant. She has long dreamed of a career in the hotel business, but that’s all - then there’s no time, then the rector is put nasty sticks in the wheels. In general, she finds herself crookedly at the hotel, which is now the Grand Eleon, and begins to stir up her ambitious and adventurous intrigues here.

Against the background of the intrigues of Mikhail Dzhekovich and Sophia Yanovna, they look quite nothing, sometimes, even overshadowing the adventures of the local "nobility".

A kind of comedy "Downton Abbey". Of course, the king is unlikely to be assassinated here, but sometimes it is also fun.

The Best of Los Angeles (Spectrum Originals) 5.88

Season 2, Wednesday September 9

A spin-off of the Bad Boys franchise, dedicated to Marcus's sister Sidney Burnett and her partner, is also gaining momentum, although it comes out somehow rather weak. But, despite the relatively low rating, in September 2020, the continuation of the show will again appear in the broadcasting grid of the cable TV channel Spectrum, like two peas in a pod similar to its "older brother" - all the same "Bad Boys".

The only difference is that this is not a full-length film, but the main roles are not men, but women. The creators saw the joke in making the sister of the stitched family man Markus - Sydney - a personality like two drops similar to his opposite - partner and brutal Casanova - Lowry. And to her to slip into partners the same family lady, as her brother - Nancy McKenna. True, she has fewer children. But the husband, with whom there will inevitably be problems, as it should be, is present.

Ladies where necessary - behave like heroes of action movies of the 90s, and where necessary - like heroines of fatal thrillers. In the first season, nothing essentially new was invented. To keep the show afloat, something extraordinary has to come in the second season.

Otherwise, no bosses will renew it for the third season.

Archer (FXX) 8.09

Season 11, Tuesday September 15

No sooner had the greatest special agent of all times and peoples of the next parallel cinematic universe come out of a coma, than our universe was already attacked by the coronavirus, as a result of which Sterling Archer had to lie down in a five-month coma in his universe again. And also because of the coronavirus from our universe.

And you say that parallel universes do not intersect and cannot affect each other. Apparently, they still can!

It is still not clear what fate the creators will "draw" to their adventurous character after three seasons of a coma. We really hope that Archer's post-comatose rehabilitation will pass quickly and from the very first episode he will delight us with his new adventures. During the months of coma, our hero managed to visit both uninhabited island , and past , and evenin space .

Is it hard, I suppose, will be again from Heaven to Earth?

Baby / Baby (Netflix) 6.63

Season 3, Wednesday September 16

Serious passions are raging around the next series in September 2020. The ubiquitous activists, mostly from the United States, have accused the show's creators of popularizing child pornography. Meanwhile, this story is partially based on events that actually took place, and the Netflix management, who ordered the picture from Italian filmmakers, could not find anything terrible in their “order”.

The story revolves around two girlfriends - high school students, whom "life forced" to engage in prostitution, that is, sleep with adult guys for money. Not a bad money, by the way.

In fact, life forced only one of them to do such an interesting thing. The second, rather, was just interesting. Yes, and a quick dough could be cut in a simple way, combining the pleasant, so to speak, with the useful.

In a real case, it turned out that among schoolgirls, in addition to the main characters, more than ten girls provided erotic services of a different nature and degree for money. Among their "clients" was even one of the senators. When these facts surfaced, many did not think a little.

To what extent will the story be promoted in this case? We will closely monitor this case.

Outlaw (Netflix) 7.15

Season 2, Wednesday September 16

And who is interested in watching how detectives work during interrogation in the UK, you are here. Despite the fact that the whole action takes place entirely in the same room, it will be very entertaining to watch the criminals inject without expecting it.

Each episode (there will be four this season) is a kind of cat and mouse game, after which the cat will inevitably drive its mouse into a corner. Each episode is a new story and a new confusing interrogation.

Famous actors were invited to shoot each episode of the first season. For example, in the first episode, Doctor Who, David Tennant, appeared as the suspect. We don't think that showrunners will have enough dough for stars in the second season, but this shouldn't make the story worse.

Pen15 / 4len (Hulu) 6.80

Season 2, September 18, Friday

What friends don't remember their school days? Incredibly, everything could have gone completely differently, if at some point we did something wrong, we decided on something, but on the contrary, we abandoned something. But, alas, a true story about teenage adventures, if you tried to tell it to someone, would come out only in a single version and without any embellishment.

In the next February series, the main characters are girlfriends Maya and Anna, and this is exactly what they are doing. Tell their story. Moreover, their story is presented exactly as it would be perceived by us if it were precisely 33-year-old women who told about their youthful appearance.

That is why in all their stories, teenagers seem to us only their classmates. And they themselves flaunt with the appearance of middle-aged aunts, who, in the company of small assholes, look grotesque and very funny.

City of Heroes: A New Story (Disney +) 6.48

Season 3, Monday September 21st

The time has come to please the kids. Continuing our list of the best TV series of September 2020, the continuation of the adventures of the supercompany, which has repeatedly saved cartoon Los Angeles from all kinds of villains.


Inventor Hiro Hamada and chemist Hani Lemon are not at all embarrassed by the fact that, being nerds to the core, they are participating in special operations to protect the city from unwanted and criminal elements. Here this, apparently, is in the order of things. This is never surprising, and their friends in the company - the daredevil Go Go Tomago, tricked into the correctness of Wasabi, forever teasing everyone and everyone Fred and the robot Baymax.

But, here's what is interesting. After all, each time they overcome some single villain barely, that is, on the verge of a foul. What if the villains did not appear one by one and not in turn, but piled up in a crowd and in one day?

No, well, you bent! According to the laws of physics, logic, common sense, such an interesting cartoon MCU cannot be. Here this would be considered a pure paradox.

Family Guy (FOX) 7.60

Season 19, September 27, Sunday

Next is a whole cartoon collection for adults from the FOX TV company. And it opens with the continuation of the adventures of the Griffin family, the most famous of which, perhaps, only the Simpsons family.

For more than 20 years now, the distinguished family man Peter with his wife Lois, children Chris, Mag, Stewie and a nerdy dog named Brian have made us laugh so much that in some places some people who are especially inclined to laugh break their bellies. p>

We will continue to follow with interest the adventures of the ageless family and the immortal dog.

Bob's Diner (FOX) 6.95

Season 11, Sunday 27 September

Next in the list of the best TV shows in September is another ageless family. This time, the role of forever young is played by the famous under-entrepreneur and honored hamburger maker of the United States of America Bob Belcher with his family of idiots, consisting of a hysterically inclined wife Linda, the eldest daughter of an under-autistic Tina, the synthesizer son Gene and the youngest daughter Louise, who has a hypertrophied feeling humor.


How soon will we finally see the defeat of competitors and the triumph of the Belcher? Probably, it will be like this in 300 years, when another comet, flying by, will return dinosaurs that flew away for a short time to Earth.

And that's not a fact. Rent, dinosaurs eatery and Jimmy's burgers - the competitor, on the contrary, as usual, will like it better.

The Simpsons (FOX) 8.40

Season 32, September 27, Sunday

Next is the absolute leader of the top, who has bypassed even Fargo. This September series does not need any special explanations at all. Just watch the trailer and enjoy the new season.


Although, a few words, let's say. Not so long ago, tolerants ran into the project's showrunners, labeling them as racists. In their opinion, black cartoon characters should not be voiced by pale-faced, which is why the film crew urgently had to look for blacks to voice blacks, and the pale-faced blacks who voiced blacks had to publicly apologize in an idiotic way for how they supposedly were mistaken and were wrong when voicing , sorry for such a long tautological twist. As a result, English-speaking viewers and fans of subtitling the familiar voices of some characters will no longer be heard.

One thing pleases. We didn't hear them during the dubbing anyway.

But, nevertheless, it is very interesting to what kind of stupidity modern tolerance will come to? Boggles the mind.

Bless the Harts (FOX) IMDb 5.00

Season 2, September 27, Sunday

Another American family. Unlike the competitors listed above, this project is only accelerating, but it is already clear that if the second season does not attract more views, it will definitely be screwed up.


This September cartoon differs from the other above-mentioned animated films in more detailed and natural portrayal of the characters' features and the surrounding interior-world. Although these characters are all entirely tadpoles.

The Hart family (translated into USA - "Hearts"!) is somewhat reminiscent of the heroes of the series "Shameless". All family members are complete losers, meanwhile, persistently dreaming of the American Dream. Well, right, what else can they dream of living in America.

We wish them to continue to dream hard about this dream, because they simply do not have enough gasoline to make this dream come true, and we ourselves will smoothly move on to our final list, but no less expected, "Boys" series September 2020- th ...

Fargo (FX) 8.40

Season 4, September 27, Sunday

We finally waited for the next season of the most central detective series in Hollywood. This is not a series that can slowly and surely “wither away”, because each of its seasons is a completely new and separate story with its own beginning and logical ending. Therefore, it can be continued almost indefinitely.

From the trailer it is clear that the fourth season will take us to the distant 50s of the last century, when the mafia was still everywhere, as it should be, Italian. But in some localities, such as Kansas City (this is the state of Missouri, from North Dakota and, in particular, Fargo, this time they drove too far), the "black brothers", whose head in this case is the hero Chris Rock - Low Cannon.

The mess is expected to be hot. Little will seem, as it happens in such cases, neither ours nor yours.

Not even average if you take into account the local police department.


We have listed all the significant TV shows of September 2020, the new seasons of which are especially awaited by fans of long-playing shows. Tomorrow we'll talk about the premieres of multi-part films of the beginning of autumn, but for now, let's be patient and we will continue to wait for "Boys". Fortunately, there is absolutely nothing left until the cherished September 4th.

Enjoy everyone and more cool movies and TV shows!

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