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Films and TV series from 14 to 20 March


Despite the fact that “Captain Marvel” is still thundering in USA cinemas, like a scythe chopping cabbage from USA inhabitants, the new week brings with it a bunch of new film masterpieces. So, fed up with the story of the next supervenger from the Marvel universe, next week will again have something to diversify their "kinoration".

Foreign film premieres

And there will be something to see here. Interesting films will be released among both foreign and USA films. In particular, the blockbuster Time of Retribution, with Nicole Kidman in the title role, certainly stands out from the foreign countries. If we talk about our feature films, then only three movie masterpieces were not afraid of evil (that is, Captain Marvel) this week, among which we can first of all highlight the continuation of the franchise about the Ladies of Spades: The Queen of Spades: Through the Looking Glass.

But, first things first. And we will start, as usual, with the most anticipated premiere of this week ...

Time of Retribution (USA) IMDb 6.6, KP 5.6

Production companies: 30West and Automatik.

Genres: Action, Thriller, Detective, Drama, Crime.

Director: Karin Kusama.

In chap. starring Nicole Kidman, Toby Kebbell, Scoot McNary, Tatiana Maslani, Sebastian Stan and others.

There was a lot of noise around the film, but, from our point of view, nothing new in this police detective story (and this is him, since he obviously does not pull on a thriller and an action movie) was not shown to us. A hackneyed plot in which a former undercover police officer is caught up in the past, in which he actually worked undercover.

Nicole plays here a seasoned ossified in her slovenly, the role of police officer Erin. In the past, she, along with her partner, was introduced into one of the gangs under the leadership, as always, of a reckless and cunning thug. Then she fell head over heels in love with her partner, and then they finished him off. In general, no matter how it goes on (we will not throw spoilers), it did not work out as smoothly as we would like.

And now, after a long time, the case on which she was working comes out again. And now the scumbag leader won't rest until Erin avenges everything. Although Erin herself is now a "broken nag", and she will not allow herself to be urged on.

The film came out quite boring and stretched out. This masterpiece can be easily found on torrents, however, in pirated, but quite decent voice acting. So, is it worth going to the cinema? It doesn't smell like entertainment here. Unless you're an avid Nicole Kidman fan and want to watch the vulnerable girl from Moulin Rouge and Dogville turn into a vicious police officer.

Born to be King (England) IMDb 6.3

Film Companies : Big Talk Productions and Working Title Films.

Genres: Fantasy, Action, Family, Adventure.

Director: Joe Cornish.

In chap. Starring: Louis Ashbourne Serkis, Denis Gough, Dean Chaumu, Tom Taylor and others

Yes. That also happens. You live for yourself, you live for 12 years and do not suspect what fate awaits you.

Alex Elliot is a simple boy. Just like all the other boys, he goes to school, just like most, gets in the head from cocky classmates. And so, when once again he carried his feet away from a couple of the mentioned bully, hiding at a construction site, he stumbles upon a sword sticking out of a piece of concrete.

Without a single thought, he simply pulls it out and, after that, away we go! It turns out that he is the direct heir of King Arthur (well, or his direct successor, at least something like that), who is obliged to protect the Earth from the impending global adversity.

And this attack is none other than the evil witch Morgana, whose motto, like all villains, is the same: "I will kill everyone - I will remain alone!" Suddenly, out of nowhere, Merlin appears in the guise of a teenager from the center of Stonehenge, and tells Alex that, like that, they say, and so, you have to fight her. The guy doesn't have to choose. Having turned his former bullies over to his side, he embarks on a difficult fight against evil.

If you are a teenager and love not only comic superheroes, but also simple good old tales, you can go to the movies. For those who are older, it would be better to choose something more serious and mature.

Seagull (USA) IMDb 5.8, KP 5.8

Film Companies : KGB Media and Mar-Key Pictures.

Genres: drama, romance, comedy.

Director: Michael Mayer.

In chap. Starring: Annette Bening, Corey Stoll, Brian Dennehy, Glenn Fleshler, Billy Hole and others.


The film is already one year old. And now, finally, when the price for it dropped to scanty sums, the Raketa Release provider decided to show it in USA. Although, what is there to watch? Completely incomprehensible.

The film is frank Santa Barbara, where everyone loves each other, they try to work out suitors for each other and intrigue each other, finding out, along the way, the relationship. This emotional melodrama is involved in the main love triangle - Old actress Irina Arkadina - neighbor girl Nina - playwright Konstantin Treplev. Treplev refuses the services of the old actress, intending to shoot exactly the young Nina in his play, with whom they peck specific shura-muras.

And at this time, the son of the old actress Irina, Konstantin, is drying up on Nina. In short, a complete mess. And it is not known how it will end until you watch all this one and a half hour action. And only die-hard fans of melodramas can have enough gasoline for that.

And certainly not among the stronger sex. So, dear men, let's move on.

Mid 90s (USA) IMDb 7.4, KP 7.2

Film Companies : A24 and Waypoint Entertainment.

Genres: Drama, Comedy.

Director: Jonah Hill.

In chap. starring Sunny Suljik, Katherine Waterston, Na-kel Smith, Lucas Hedges and others.


Another not quite fresh masterpiece, but unlike those listed above (and below) it is worth seeing. The film is serious, touches upon simple everyday dilemmas and problems, and although the main character of the picture lives in the mid-90s, these problems are topical to this day.

13-year-old boy Stevie lives with a single mother and an older brother turned on racial and other prejudices. The guy was so fed up with this daily routine, he simply has no strength. At school, they are all assholes. Home sucks. And somehow the boy is brought into the area of the Motor Avenue skate shop, where he meets a completely unusual company. He begins to get involved in the basics of skateboarding and plunges into a normal human life, where there is no pretense and falsehood, and where everyone can be himself. But, as it turns out a little later, everything in this life has its drawbacks.

Especially the film will be in demand among the human contingent, whose childhood took place at a time when there was still no Internet or cellular communication. It will be most interesting for them to plunge into the atmosphere of their childhood and youth again. But the rest will appreciate this film one hundred percent. After all, Jonah Hill, as you know, does not shoot nonsense!

Call the Dead (Germany) IMDb 7.0

Film companies: Warner Bros., Syrreal Entertainment and Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion.

Genres: Horror, Action, Detective, Thriller, Crime.

Director: Christian Alwart.

In chap. Starring: Moritz Bleibtreu, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Fakhri Ogun Yardim, Lars Eidinger and others.

Again a maniac, and again very organized and thoughtful, who, in the spirit of the genre, easily builds up his own chain of puzzles that must be solved - in this case - by a forensic scientist.

When a corpse falls on Paul Hertzfeld's table, in whose head a capsule containing the phone number and name of his daughter is found, the poor pathologist almost lost his voice. But this is only the first note and the first corpse, which contains a solution to where the maniac is hiding his next victim - Paul's daughter.

There is nowhere to go. The medical examiner rolls up his sleeves and rushes in pursuit of the maniac, where he himself, and where and with the help of outside well-wishers, solving the puzzles hidden in the next killed body. Who cares what this mind-blowing "jump over corpses" will lead to, welcome to the cinema.

One thing remains a mystery. Why on this topic they only shoot how the main characters follow the tracks prepared by the maniac, forced to solve the puzzles left by them. Why has it never been shown in films how a maniac, in fact, arranges all these puzzles, and with such precision and grace that you can't get underneath. How does he manage to do it all alone and never screw up? This will remain a mystery for us.

Welcome to Acapulco (Bulgaria, Mexico, USA)

Film Companies : Open Frames, Global Group and Golden Ceiba Productions.< / em>

Genres: Action, Thriller, Comedy.

Director: Guillermo Ivan.

In chap. Starring: William Baldwin, Michael Madsen, Ana Cerradilla, Bradley Gregg and others


Matt Booth is a casual video game designer whose career is stuck at the last chance. And this last chance should be his participation in the awards ceremony in New Mexico, at which he was going to present his brainchild of recent years to the public.

But his brainchild was never destined to be introduced, because just before the departure at the airport he got so drunk that he passed out and ended up in ... Acapulco! But that's not all. Suddenly it turns out that notorious thugs are following him, ready to do anything to get to the mysterious package, which, as they think, he is hiding somewhere in his luggage or in his bosom, but which, of course, he has no.

Or is there anyway? Hangover spirit, bring back my memory! But the memory does not return in any way, so it is not clear what forces will have to deal with everything.

The credits include a bunch of famous actors like Baldwin and Madsen. But mindful of that. That they have been filming lately, mainly in third-rate tapes and for everyone, whoever offers money, the film promises to be not very good. Let's hope for the best though.

Norm and Unbreakable: Keys to the Kingdom (USA, India) IMDb 3.0

Film Companies :, Lionsgate, Discreet Arts Productions and Splash Entertainment.< / em>

Genres: Cartoon, Family, Comedy, Adventure.

Directed by Richard Finn and Tim Maltby.


The animated film was released on big screens six months ago. So, he already managed to grab his shameful three points on IMDb.

Why did the foreign public so dislike this masterpiece of animation? Yes, for the fact that the plot in it is idiotic, and the CGI is worse than in the 1995 toy story.

A few words about the idiotic plot. One of the polar bears (Norm), oddly enough, was chosen by people (people!) As the king of the Arctic, in connection with which in New York (also me, the capital of the Arctic) he was presented with the golden key to the kingdom. Further more. Someone, disguised as Norm, begins to rob banks, thereby substituting the newly elected king. And while loshara-Norm is chasing the robbers, the criminals are plotting to turn the entire Arctic glacier into bottled water in order to sell it and their own profit.

Such things. Something has rotted now in the Arctic kingdom ... Although, why "something"? In fact, everything is rotten! Including the brains of those who composed this strange and adventurous nonsense.

Yesterday's Crystal Sky (China) IMDb (5.9)

Production company: Horgos Coloroom Picture.

Genres: cartoon, drama, melodrama.

Director: Xi Chao.


The zakos of Chinese animators under Japanese anime is almost a success. Except that a non-Japanese hand-drawn cartoon will never become an "anime".

But, meanwhile, it is drawn perfectly. Although the plot itself leaves much to be desired. Too much drama and love and too little adventure. And this is not good for a cartoon that claims to be equal to anime.

And the plot itself is somehow banal and straightforward to such an extent that at least cry, even laugh, at least grin skeptically. The guy Wang studied poorly, behaved badly, did not think about the future, but only until he was appointed head of the class, where he finally recognized his beloved in his workmate. And recognizing how to behave well, study well and all that, just to please Yui - that is the name of the girl of his heart.

Strange. And statistics confirm that all normal girls bite exactly at adventurers, fidgets and hooligans. Probably in China everything is upside down. Although it is hard to believe in it.

New items from USA cinema

There are, as already mentioned, only three. And then one of the films presented this week will not be a full-fledged feature picture, but a collection of unrelated short films collected under the same title "USA Short".

The remaining two pictures revolve around the primordially USA folklore and will be dedicated to the Water and Spades Ladies, as well as what misfortunes these "folklore personalities" bring with them. And we'll start with a fairy tale for kids ...


Film companies: Alexey Barykin, Nick Foundation.

Genres: fantasy, children.

Director: Alexey Barykin.

In chap. Cast: Nikolay Nevzorov, Ekaterina Barykina, Ildus Gabdrakhmanov, Nafisa Khairullina and others.


Those who, after looking at the poster, start rubbing their hands in anticipation of watching the next horror movie, can calm down. No matter how scary the poster, the film, oddly enough, will be childish, with a category of "12+".

In short, all that is known about the plot is that the mother of adolescents who came to visit their relatives in the village is kidnapped by a water woman who has crawled out from the local lake in the middle of the night. Teenagers, as usual, will have to make a lot of efforts to save their mother.

Why did the waterman need a non-local woman? How will they save her? And why none of the fishermen has soaked this creature with an oar in general is not clear. Hopefully it becomes clearer after watching.

The Queen of Spades: Through the Looking Glass

Film companies: RB Production, TV3 and Cinema Fund.

Genres: Mystery, Horror, Fantasy.

Director: Alexander Domogarov Jr.

In chap. Cast: Angelina Strechina, Daniil Muravyov-Izotov, Claudia Bochar, Vladislav Konoplev and others.

But this is a full-fledged horror movie. Some might think that the film is a sequel to the feature film The Queen of Spades: The Black Rite, but no. The essence, in principle, remains the same. But the story is different.

Here we will focus on a school that opened in an abandoned mansion with a notoriety. Many children are said to have been killed there a hundred years ago. But today's kids don't care. They tell such stories about it that you will rock. But they don't stop there either.

Finding an old mirror in an abandoned wing of the building, these young fools jokingly call the spirit of the Queen of Spades to activity, asking him to fulfill his desires. Only the Queen of Spades is not going to answer children's jokes with her own. For the fulfillment of desires, she will take her own from them in full. And the pay, as usual, will be the souls of petty fools.

For those who want to see the original source, we suggest watching the "Wishmaster" 1.2 1997 and 1988 release. The same bodyworm in vegetable oil. But the original. Yes, and "Paranormal Activity 3" (2011) very strongly gives. Only there did the girls call Bloody Mary.

USA short. Issue 3

Production company: Pioneer.

Genre: short films.

Directors: Natalia Nazarova, Dmitry Moiseev, Amir Salyanov and others.

In chap. Cast: Inna Stepanova, Evgeny Konstantinov, Alexandra Drochneva, Artyom Sokolov, Maria Smolnikova, Vladimir Svirsky and others.


The distributor with the nostalgic name "Pioneer" is releasing the next five short films. This time they will include:

  • Firefly - romance comedy;
  • Not for a river - a musical film;
  • Lost Way is a dramatic thriller;
  • Tamara - everyday drama;
  • In the arms of the sea - another drama.

In our opinion, than to go to this, it is better to watch some worthwhile full-length. But since the third issue is already on the screens, it means that short footage is in demand, and therefore we are silent. There are no comrades for taste and color.

New TV Shows

This week starts the continuation of two cool foreign TV series at once: "Good fight" and "Billions". In addition to them, the television air will be able to please us with the start of the long-awaited season 3 of the Jim Jefferies show and the premiere of a new series, which we will talk about a little later. Let's start with the continuation of the franchise ...

Good fight (USA) IMDb 8.4, CP 7.7

Season 3 premiere on March 14.

TV Channel: CBS Bravo.

Genres: Drama, Crime.

In chap. starring Christine Baranski, Rose Leslie, Kash Jumbo, Nyambi Nyambi, Delroy Lindo and others


A good fight, or rather, the fight for justice of the main character Diana Lockhart, continued for season 3. No wonder, with such and such a rating and with such and such views. Therefore, there will be even more cases to which Diana, her goddaughter Maya and their colleagues will have a hand.

The series is filmed in the genre of legal drama and is very good. It's a crime to skip such.

Shrill / Upstart (USA)

The series premiered on March 15.

TV Channel: Hulu.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring: Lolly Adefop, Adie Bryant, Luca Jones, John Cameron Mitchell and others


This is how you sit at home, all overweight, you sit, eat and eat everything, and then suddenly you think: "Am I a trembling creature or do I have the right ?!" And, having decided that she certainly "has the right", our heroine piles on accounts in social networks and messengers, becoming, overnight, so popular and in demand that it takes your breath away.

But will she find happiness along with popularity? That is the question.

All six episodes of the first season will air on TV channelHulu one day, so it will be just a holiday for chubby ladies who are going to be imbued with self-confidence.

Billions (US) IMDb 8.4, KP 8.1

Season 4 premiere on March 17.

TV channel: Showtime.

Genre: Drama.

In chap. Starring: Damien Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Maggie Siff, Toby Leonard Moore and others

The tale of the war between dishonest billionaire Bobby Axelroyd and Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Chuck Rhoads continues.

And despite the fact that at the end of the third season, their relationship seems to have settled down, in season 4 everything can go to dust again. After all, the insides of a criminal and a policeman cannot be changed!

The Jim Jefferies Show (USA) IMDb 7.5

Season 3 premiere on March 19.

TV Channel: Comedy Central.

Genres: news, talk shows, humor.

Participating: Jim Jefferies and his guests.


Jim Jefferies is not only a famous actor. As it turned out, he is very good at hosting humorous shows.

His programs are attended by the very best of society, famous personalities - actors, directors and politicians, over whom he ... He successfully mocks!

Something remotely akin to our evening program, Urgantovskaya. But only precisely "with something" and precisely "distantly". And in order to be sure that the show is worth watching, it is enough to watch Jim scoff at Brad Pitt in the guise of the weather presenter!


This concludes the list of films that will start in our cinemas from March 14 to 20. April is just around the corner, and with it Hellboy, and the long-awaited sequel to The Avengers and Game of Thrones. But for now, at the end of March, we will be content with little. Next week, the USA blockbuster "Balkan Frontier" will be released, after which the studio "Disney" will delight with the screen version of its immortal cartoon "Dumbo".

We wish you warm spring days, good mood, and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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