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Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Note9


Samsung has officially introduced its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note9. The main advantages of the device are a more capacious battery, a powerful modern-type chipset with a liquid cooling system, a camera with light sensitivity and a large amount of internal storage.

The new product from Samsung with a large display and a stylus surpassed the previous Note8 in terms of "internal content". At the same time, the external design of the smartphone has only minor differences compared to last year's model.

Technical equipment

The Galaxy Note9 is powered by an Exynos 9810 processor - the same processor as the Galaxy S9. The chipset has many similarities to the Snapdragon 845 that will be in the Note9 device in the US market. The Exynos 9810 has a combination of high performance (M3 @ 2.9 Hz) and energy efficient (A55 @ 1.9 Hz) cores.

Note9 boasts an impressive amount of internal storage. For the basic device - 128 GB, for the more advanced (and expensive) version - 512 GB. At the same time, support for 512GB microSD cards, which Samsung plans to release, increases the storage capacity to 1TB. RAM, depending on the configuration, is 6 or 8 GB.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

The front camera of the device with 8 MP has auto focus. The main camera is similar to the Galaxy S9 + in the presence of two modules with 12 MP optical stabilization, a wide lens with the ability to switch aperture.

Gaming Device

The manufacturer is also positioning its novelty as a device for games. To ensure a quality gaming experience without overall performance degradation and overheating, the Note9 features an advanced liquid cooling system. The recently released Black Shark (Xiaomi) and Honor Note 10 (Huawei) gaming products also have similar technology.

The ability to keep the game going for a long time is also helped by the powerful 4000 mAh battery, which has never been seen before in the Galaxy Note series. The manufacturer claims that its charge is guaranteed to last for a day. At the same time, you can charge your device using standard wired charging and operational wireless.

Smart Photos

The camera of the new flagship Samsung has "smart" settings, can recognize the belonging of one picture to a certain typical category and apply to it

appropriate color scheme so that the photo does not need editing before publication. Galaxy Note9 will prompt and suggest to redo the shooting if the photo is inaccurate, for example, if someone turned out to be in the general photo with their eyes closed.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

It will also be possible to take a photo using the included S-Pen stylus. The handle has built-in Bluetooth LE technology, which makes it a kind of remote control in certain situations. Selfie lovers can appreciate this when the camera itself is fixed in a certain place, and the desired frame is taken at a distance using a pen.

Additional features

The stylus can be additionally used to move from one slide to another, stop the video without touching the screen. Settings for certain types of clicks (short, long, double) can be set depending on user preferences.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

The Galaxy Note9, similar to the recently released Galaxy Tab S4, can be configured to act as a laptop in DeX mode. In this case, a monitor, mouse, and Bluetooth keyboard must be connected to the device. An interface similar to Chrome OS will appear on the display, where you can open any type of Android application. However, this mode is not compatible with absolutely all programs, but, for example, basic Word or the Chrome browser are displayed without loss of quality.


The 6.4-inch Note9 smartphone is available in four colors - classic black, blue, pink and copper. At the same time, the stylus of the blue model has a contrasting yellow color.

Samsung Galaxy Note9

If you visually compare the new product with the previous Note8, there are no special differences, except for the original colors of the cases. Also, the novelty is distinguished by a diamond-cut metal frame, a newly located fingerprint detector (under the horizontal module of the rear camera). The dimensions of the presented Note9 are 16.2 x 7.64 x 0.88 cm. The case, along with the stylus, are protected from moisture by the IP68 standard. Device weight - 0.2 kg.

On the USA market, the sale of the flagship will start closer to September. The cost of the basic version is within 70,000 rubles, top-end configuration with the maximum amount of RAM and internal memory (8 and 512 GB) - from 90,000 rubles

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