Vatinkan in Minecraft, another PS5 photo, Marvel's Spider Man 2 may come out in 2021 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Vatinkan in Minecraft, another PS5 photo, Marvel's Spider Man 2 may come out in 2021 - this week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


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The Vatican now has its own Minecraft server

Religion never misses the opportunity to spread its influence through more modern communication channels. So the Catholic priest Robert Boleser, once a tech blogger, managed to figure out how to use his skills in a new sphere of life.

He created a Minecraft server on behalf of the Vatican. As the pastor himself said, he did this to unite people, give them a break from the toxic gaming community and show his creative nature.

On his Twitter account, Boleser voted, and his readers chose that they want to see the server in Minecraft. Other contenders included Team Fortress 2, Rust ARK: Survival Evolved.

Previously, the priest's hobby was perceived by his colleagues with caution, but over time they realized that he was well versed in this. Boleser himself is confident that the church can use advanced technology to expand influence and promote ideas among the younger generation. God forbid, as they say.

Recall that this is not the first attempt by the church to hit games, so in 2018 Follow JC Go was born from the rib of one of the developers - the Christian analogue of Pokemon Go.

Another photo of the PS5 dev kit for developers

We have written more than once about the leaked PS5 photos that matched the patented drawings. This time, a photo with two versions of the console for developers floated online.

The photo appeared on Twitter, where it was posted by a person under the nickname Alcoholikaust. He got it from a developer who gave a damn about the secrecy rule.


The photo turned out to be genuine, as reported by The Verge editor Tom Warren. He also said that the V-shape of the console helps it cool much more efficiently during heavy loads. Warren also added that no one has a Project Scarlett dev kit yet, as the console is still being developed. Therefore, most leaks related to the Microsoft console are false.


You can also see the new controller in the photo. It is indicated by the absence of a light indicator, which the company has abandoned.

Rumors: Marvel's Spider Man 2 May Be Out In 2021

We have yet to receive official confirmation as to whether we will see a sequel to Marvel's Spider Man. However, given that the original game made a good profit for the publisher, we can assume that a sequel is in development.

In the Kinda Funny Gamescast podcast, former Game Informer senior executive Imran Khan suggested that Insomniac Games' second spider would hit the shelves around Christmas 2021.

Khan makes a hypothesis based on Sony's love of showing Marvel's Spider Man in PS5 demos, bragging about how cool the exclusives interact with their console.

AI improved Quake 2 graphics

Quake 2 has undergone a significant transformation, and thanks to NVIDIA, the game has acquired ray tracing. However, not only big companies, but also gamers and enthusiasts are improving the look of the classic game.


User Calinou has released a set of high-resolution textures that improve the graphics of old Quake 2. They were created using an AI called ESRGAN, which was able to improve the appearance of 3D-models. You can download a set of textures that improve the graphics of the game at this link.

The streamer set a world record, he broadcast every day for 19 hours

A month ago, Andrew Bodin set himself the goal of setting a record for the most streams per month. He achieved his goal earlier this week.

He started streaming a month ago, and has been streaming 19 hours on Twitch for 30 days. As a result, he reached the bar of 572 hours of streaming, playing Red Dead Redemption 2, Escape from Tarkov, Rocket League, Factorio, Rainbow Six Siege, Luigi's Mansion 3, but as for me, the most memorable is the complete Death Stranding walkthrough.


During this time, he was able to gain three million views and acquired 10,000 thousand paying subscribers on the platform.

It should be said that you should not repeat this, because it is very dangerous. It took Andrew three months to prepare for the stream. Before that, there were cases leading to death. Kotaku writes about this in detail.

Kojima talks about the impact of his childhood on Death Stranding

Valture recently hosted a private event for developers and big names in the industry. Hideo Kojima was there with his friends. One of the authors of the publication talked to him and released a special. stuff.


Kojima revealed that he was quite popular at school and had many friends. However, even communicating with them, he felt lonely inside. It even seemed to him that he was suffering from a strange disease.

The film "Taxi Driver", where the main character suffered from a similar problem, had a significant impact on him. Then Hideo realized that he was not alone in this feeling and many people also experience the same. And even Americans, whom he considered to be especially sociable as a child. Supposedly they did not experience such emotions. That is why he introduced asymmetric multiplayer so that players, although they feel aloof, always know that they are not alone and there are more people out there somewhere.

Themes of the bottomless ocean and monsters also come from childhood. When he was a little boy, his father took him to the ocean by boat. It was always a test for him, and it felt uncomfortable.

More importantly, Kojima's father died when he was 13, and when Hideo was working on the game, he decided not to tell his mother so that she would not worry again. He was going to tell her when he already had a significant part of the game in his hands, but his mother died earlier, never knowing about Hideo's new creation. And this was also postponed to the final result.

“One of the ghosts in the game might be one of my parents, and is watching me,” he says. So, in the game, a metaphor appeared that even if loved ones die, your connection does not disappear.

Kojima also said that he wants to make the next game from scratch, and possibly again with Norman Reedus. During development, they became very close friends.

Emergency Resuscitation: Last Year Coming to Steam

As often happens, small game shops die as soon as they open. So, Discord opened a store last year, which closed safely after a couple of months. Imagine, he even had exclusives. One of them is Last Year: The Nightmare, a school horror game similar in mechanics to Dead by Daylight, where five schoolchildren escaped from one monster.

The game was not going to stay in the exclusive for a long time, and in a year it planned to switch to other platforms. Now they will try to reanimate the game, and it will be released on Steam, but without the subtitle The Nightmare. A new Afterdark extension has been added to it. The killer spider is now available in Last Year. The game will be released on December 10. Those who bought the game on Discord will receive the key for free.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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