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What to watch from the series during the winter holidays: ”Morning Show” (2019-…)


Currently, there is no man left on Earth who would not be familiar with the #MeToo hashtag and did not know where his legs grow from. The so-called "Wanstein effect", like a powerful tsunami, has demolished so many "star" heads all over the world in a couple of years that it’s time to just shrug your shoulders. The next project, which we recommend to everyone who cannot choose what to watch from the series on a long holiday weekend, belongs to this topic.

And if the seemingly mentioned movement has already come to naught, and some have already got bored with the topic, then the problem itself has not gone away and cases of harassment from this have not magically disappeared either. The series will turn out the ins and outs of stellar personalities and their backstage intrigues to the surface. And it will be very interesting to watch.

A few words about MeToo: what is it?

Let's not go into who invented and "called" the movement with this very phrase. Its meaning is already clear. It translates into USA as "me too" and "me too" taken together.

That is, any woman (or a man, yes it happens, let us recall the case of Kevin Spacey), who said in this regard “me too” means that her, excuse me, is “too”.

In 2017, it suddenly became clear that in the highest commercial, cultural, political and other circles of America, complete sexual outrage is flourishing. The first "scapegoat" in this regard was the famous Hollywood director and producer Harvey Weinstein, who, overnight, was bombarded with accusations of sexual harassment from all sides.


After some "advanced" personalities on Twitter and the major league, beau monde urged women to start yelling about all the previously hidden cases of harassment by producers, directors, directors and other "weighty and not so" persons, in full voice, and the “ever victims” themselves felt that being humiliated and insulted today is more fashionable and trendy than strong and independent, the movement has acquired such a scale that very quickly began to resemble some kind of hypertrophied “moral panic” or total schizophrenia.

Yes. The truth about harassment must be revealed. But there is one big "BUT", and it consists in the fact that everyone knew about them, about these "hidden" harassment. They just got used to being silent and letting go of everything. Yes, the ladies knew very well that the way up the career ladder through bed was much shorter than usual. Likewise, the gentlemen knew perfectly well that, perching on a lady, these “ladies” would have to pay something for silence. And, in fact, they paid. Who could do anything. Some - by promotion and roles, as is the case with the same Wanstein, who else is something else.


But the policy of intimidation, one way or another, also took place. Until recently, women were afraid to complain about their employers and more stellar colleagues, fearing dismissal and other harassment. Until 2017, these "employers", "colleagues", "idols", etc., in most cases, got away with it. The winner is always the one who has more money and who has a more significant position in society.

But now, when the oppressed and abused women (and not only women) have discovered the fact that it turns out that it is possible to effectively promote on the Internet not only being a strong person, but also humiliatedly offended, everything went with rapists awry.

What is the Morning Show about?

But is everything really as straightforward as it is customary to think about it? The series from the streaming service Aple + "Morning Show" with the participation of such famous stars as Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, etc. the side of those who knew about everything, but were silent in a rag and others who simply did not suspect about anything.

Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) and Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) have hosted one of America's most respected news and entertainment channels for 15 years.


And then somehow an emergency happens on the channel - one of the former employees of the "Morning Show" caught Mitch in sexual harassment. Mitch was quickly fired, as is now being done, and the program, shaking from such shock, begins to look for a replacement for the position of one of the main hosts.

And so, while the TV channel is trying hard to hack, forget and shut up the topic of the rapist warming up on their show, they managed to hire the too stubborn and purposeful journalist Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), who is the opposite will inflame this topic even more and, as it turned out, in the end will turn this whole lying TV channel inside out.

The main thing is what side Alex will take in all this global "tartararam". Will she follow the lead of the truth, which she has been promoting so much all her life, or will she try to hide under the covers? After all, she, like everyone else here, turns out to have a stigma in the gun too.


The series came out very successful. And actors who are paid $ 1.5 million for a role cannot perform badly by definition. So the viewing pleasure is guaranteed. Anyone who is still puzzling over which series to watch during the long New Year weekend, please follow the link below.

The series "Morning Show" watch online

We wish you a pleasant viewing, excellent post-New Year and pre-Christmas mood and, as always, more cool films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman