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Netflix Shoots Resident Evil TV Series, Oscar, Malina and More Movie News


The past week has been prolific with big news. In particular, the final lists of nominees for the Academy Award - "Oscar" and its antipode - the "Golden Raspberry" award have become known. Some interesting news came from the shooting fields. In today's episode, we'll find out who will play in the new Netflix series, Gillian Anderson, who was honored to play young Tony in the Sopranos prequel, the Fast and the Furious spin-off, and much, much more. But let's start with the sad news.

Famous French composer Michel Legrand passed away

According to TASS and RIA Novosti, the famous composer passed away at the age of 87 on January 26. He was the record-breaking composer for film scores. It's no joke, he was nominated for an Oscar 13 times, and managed to become its owner three times.


To the older generation, he is known for such Oscar-winning films as "The Thomas Crown Affair" (1968), "Yentl" (1983) and "Summer of 42" (1971), as well as for the equally popular "Girl from Rochefort" (1967), The Hunter (1980), The Three Musketeers (1971), as well as the very recent The Other Side of the Wind (2018).

In addition, he won the Grammy five times, and at the end of the 80s even toured the USSR, such was his popularity among Soviet audiences. We express our deepest condolences to the family, relatives and fans of the great talent.

Oscar-2019 nominees

We will not cover all the nominations, we will reveal only the most interesting ones.

The title of "Best Film of the Year" will be claimed by: "Black Panther", "Black Klansman" (some kind of dominance of blacks, don't you think?), "Green Book" (again about the problems of the black population), "A Star is Born" , the idiotic and implausible artsy "Bohemian Rhapsody", more a parody or libel than the serious historical film "Favorite" and the drama "Roma", which tells about the difficult life of the inhabitants of Mexico City in the 70s.


The nomination "Best Actor of the Year" lit up, as expected - Rami Malek, who played the unintelligible Freddie in "Bohemian Rhapsody", Christian Bale, who got fat for filming in the movie "Power", Viggo Mortensen for his loyalty to blacks in the movie "Green Book" , Bradley Cooper, head over heels in love with The Star That Was Born and Willem Dafoe, who just looked great as Van Gogh in Van Gogh. On the threshold of eternity. ”


The best actresses this year were: Olivia Colman for the "historical-vral" film "Favorite", Yalitsa Aparicio for a difficult childhood and wooden toys in the film "Roma", Melissa McCarthy for her role in the biographical drama "Can You forgive? ", as expected, Lady Gaga for" A Star is Born "and Glenn Close, emerging from the oppression of her husband in the movie" Wife. "


The best directors were named: Spike Lee for the film about the introduction of the Negro population into the US police "Black Clanman", Alfonso Cuaron for the hardships of Mexican life in the film "Roma", Adam McKay, who directed the biographical film "Power", in which the fat Christian Bale played Dick Cheney, Pole Pavel Pawlikowski for his Cold War, and Yorgos Lantimos for the wacky Favorite.


This concludes the "coverage", becausethe list of nominations is large, and we also have a lot of news besides this.

Nominees for the "Golden Raspberry-2019"

It will be a little more interesting here. The most worthless films of 2019 were recognized: “Winchester. The House That Ghosts Built ”,“ The Gotti Code ”,“ Robin Hood: The Beginning ”and the totally dumb movies“ Toys for Adults ”and“ Holmes & Watson ". In the latter, humor was so tasteless, dull and idiotic that there are simply no words. Honored nominee.

The worst actresses were recognized: Jennifer Garner for her role in the film "Crimson Mint", Helen Mirren for "Winchester. The House That Ghosts Built, Melissa McCarthy (expectedly) for her dumb role in Toys for Adults and Soul of the Company, Amber Heard for London Fields and Amanda Seyfred for her role in the comedy Clacker. p>


Among the men in the nominees for the "Golden Raspberry" had to knock: surgeon Bruce Willis for "Death Wish", John Travolta for "Gotti Code" (with a cliche script), Will Ferrell for "Holmes & Watson "and Johnny Depp for stupid, according to the participants of the Golden Raspberry Foundation, the voice acting of Sherlock Gnomes in the cartoon of the same name.

Tellingly, this time US President Donnie Trump himself was included in the list of nominees for how he "played" himself in the documentary and very informative films "Death of a Nation" by Dinesh D'Souz and Bruce Schuli and Fahrenheit 11/9 by Michael Moore (recommended). On this high-ranking person, we will probably finish with the Raspberry nominations.

Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher

Anyone who follows Netflix's The Crown will know that each season highlights another decade of Queen Elizabeth II's reign. 2 seasons have already seen the light, the premiere of the third is tentatively expected in late autumn or early winter 2019. Initially, Claire Foy played the role of the Queen of Great Britain, but since time passes, and Elizabeth over time, like all ordinary people, must grow old, the casting specialists decided to entrust the role of Her Majesty Olivia Coleman in subsequent seasons.


Gillian Andersen will play Margaret Thatcher, the first woman in the history of the country to be awarded the high position of prime minister, in which she spent 11 years (from 1979 to 1990). Let's see how overbearing Skali's soft-spoken special agent from The X-Files can become.

Freedom for the T-Virus!

Indeed, soon the "T-virus" will break free on a serial scale. To the greatest regret of the fans of the game, the series will not be based on the game itself, but on the action franchise by Paul Andersen, in which his wife Milla Jovovich was in the first roles.


At least that's what Deadline's post says. At the moment, the project has been publicly announced and the Netflix stream service is in full swing searching for suitable candidates for the positions of screenwriters who can qualitatively adapt the story told by Paul Anderson, as well as directors who, according to the written, can put on an interesting picture.

Well, we look forward to it.

Tony Soprano's Second Life

Those who closely follow the news of the cinema know that work has begun on the creation of a full-length prequel to The Sopranos, entitled The Many Saints of Newark.

Not so long ago, we were informed that such movie stars as John Bernthal, aka "The Punisher", Billy Magnussen, familiar to us from the role of Steve McQueen in the movie "Bruce Lee: Birth of a Legend", Vera Farmiga ( "Source Code") and Carrie Stoll (TV series The Strain). But until recently it was not clear who will play the role of Tony Soprano himself?


And now the creators of the project have finally announced their verdict. The role of young Tony will be played by James Gandolfini's son Michael. Honestly, the similarity of the offspring with the famous dad is immediately evident. And the makeup specialists will also tweak the similarities.

This is not the main thing. The main thing is that the actor plays convincingly, which we all expect from him with the greatest hope.

The Fast and the Furious Universe is growing and expanding

No sooner had the passions subsided after the release of "Fast and the Furious 8", as Universal announced the launch of a spin-off of the franchise - a film called "Hobbs and Shaw", the plot of which is tied to two characters played by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Stateham.


And now on the Internet in his twitter, Vin Diesel rolls out the news that it is being developed, invented by him personally back in 2017, a story in which ... A woman will act as a protoganist! It is still unknown which heroes the plot will revolve around this time. But the news that Geneva Robertson-Duoret, Lindsay Beer and Nicole Perlman are already writing the script, who wrote the scripts for such blobuster as "Tomb Raider: Lara Croft", "Treads of Chaos" (post-production) and "Guardians of the Galaxy" - accordingly, has already become the property of the public.

By the way, the studio itself is still silent, neither confirming nor refuting Diesel's words. Most likely, the specialists from Universal want to first see how everything goes with the first spin-off.

Macho & Nerd Becomes Franchise

At a recent press conference on the animated film "Lego Movie 2" producer Phil Lord said that the sequel, that is, the third film of the comedy "Macho and Nerd", will be 100% released in the near future. He also noted that the preparation of material for filming is in full swing, so all fans of this action comedy can be unconditionally congratulated.


By the way, the movie will not be titled Macho and Botan 3. The creators of the next film decided to abandon the number 3, calling the future film "23 Jump Street" (23 Jump Street).

Cinema Foundation on the new selection criteria for future projects

It is well known that the lion's share of films is filmed in our country with funds collected from taxpayers. Yes, yes, such incompetent heavyweights of USA cinema as "Viking" or "Matilda" were filmed with our money. What did we learn from them? Nothing at all. The tapes turned out to be expensive, but completely uninteresting and, to be honest, stupid and mediocre.

But the Cinema Fund, first of all, finally decided to take care of the fact that the tapes, on which 2 million rubles are allocated, cannot pay for themselves at all. The uncles in power have long had to think about this. Indeed, in Hollywood, for example, films are made in order to earn money from them. In our country, films are still being made in order to simply shoot them and create some kind of semblance of the fact that we have cinema in principle.

Now, when distributing money for projects, the leaders will, first of all, look at what the film companies had previously had in the field of box office. That is, upstarts and those who, frankly speaking, missed taxpayers' money, or, in even simpler terms, plundered, creating some kind of expensive and third-rate suck, will now be given a turnaround.


Let's hope that Vyacheslav Telnov, director of the Cinema Foundation, will keep his word.

Ministry of Culture and its "new and improved" fines

The Ministry of Culture has conceived something unkind in terms of those careless creators of projects who will delay the release of pictures on screens. Giving money for projects (and, as we all know from the same "Matilda" and "Vikings" - irrevocable money), they conclude contracts with the creators, according to which they undertake to hand over their "masterpieces" on time.

Now, if the deadlines are violated, the project managers will be well fined. That is, they did not have time, please, give half (or how much) the money back. So the creators of such anticipated domestic projects as the sports "Lev Yashin. The goalkeeper of my dreams ", the historical and sports" Wild League "and others will have to hurry up.

But this is a double-edged sword. No matter how the creators began to roll unfinished and therefore even more useless tapes for hire.

New trailers of the past week

Let's discuss only the most anticipated projects. And in the first place in terms of entertainment among them is rightfully the feature film "Wandering Earth" by Chinese filmmakers, where the Chinese are saving our planet from a seemingly inevitable global catastrophe.

With no less interest, some are waiting for the release of the film under the interesting title "The Cannibals Club", in which Brazilian officials have fun with the murder and further eating of their houseworkers.

Speaking of TV series, we can note the release of this full trailer for Season 2 of American Gods, which is expected to premiere on Starz on March 10, 2019.


Let's finish with the news for today. A new week is coming, with new projects and new scandals, which means new interesting news. See you in the next issue next Monday. In the meantime, all the best to you and more cool movies and TV series for you!

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