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Spider-Man in Marvel's Avengers, sad tweets about Silent Hill, PS5 does not support DualShock 4 - Game News Digest # 1.08


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Spider-Man will appear as a character in Marvel's Avengers, but only on PlayStation

Last week we learned that Crystal Dynamics is going to add new content to Marvel's Avengers with additional heroes. They previously announced that the first expansion will be the Hawkeye story campaign. The next hero to visit the game will be friendly neighbor Spider-Man. The developer has assured that the character will have his own options for animation, movement, leveling tree and customization options. Along with his appearance, new challenges will be introduced into the game.


But all this news has a sad end, unless you own the PlayStation 4 and 5, for which the hero is an exclusive fighter, you will not see him. Its release will take place in 2021. The very same Marvel's Avengers will be released on September 4. The game will visit new consoles at their launch.

Three sad Konami posts about Silent Hill that will break your heart

This weekend, Konami's official Twitter did a pretty good job of mocking the expectations of fans of the Silent Hill series, and it's not even clear if they regret it or not. They posted three tweets that combine joy, acceptance and disappointment.


In the first tweet, Konami asked to close our eyes and listen to the siren from Silent Hill 2 attached to the tweet.


When fans' imaginations flared up in earnest, and many were confident in the official announcement of the new part of the franchise, in a second tweet, Konami said that they just watched the Dead by Daylight streams, and wanted to enjoy the sound of the siren and the feeling of being chased with their subscribers. They decided not to delete the tweet.


In the last message, the publisher apologized for the hype, as if they were just fans who like the sound of the siren. Plus, if they wanted to make an official announcement, it would have happened on the account of the game itself, not the publisher. This sad message ends with a painful phrase: "Sorry, we wanted to ruin your Friday mood." And here it is not known whether the publisher accidentally made a typo and originally planned to write "did not want", or this is all trolling.

The situation can be viewed in different ways: as a multi-move, and not a very reasonable PR move of publishers.

PS5 supports all PS4 components except DualShock 4

PlayStation has posted a blog post regarding PS4 compatibility with PS5. Spoiler alert: everything works on the next console except the old gamepad.

More specifically:

  • All peripherals such as steering wheels, joysticks and flight controllers will be supported on the console, as well as on PS4 compatible games.
  • Platinum and Gold headphones, as well as wireless and wired headphones from third-party manufacturers, easily connect to the console.
  • For PSVR-enabled games on PS5, you can use the PS Move and PlayStation VR Aim controllers. PlayStation Camera is also supported for PS5, but requires a special adapter which PlayStation Camera owners will receive for free
  • DualShock 4 will only work in games supported by PS4. The controller is not compatible with the PS5 games themselves. Sony explains this by saying that new games on PS5 should take full advantage of the new gamepad, without being limited by the framework of the old model.

In short, on PS5 you can run all PS4 devices except the one you probably own.

Gamers complain about ambiguous graphics in Halo Infinite - developer comments

Recently, gamers have started complaining about Halo Infinite's clumsy graphics. 343 Industries have published a report where they comment on player feedback on the Halo Infinite demo regarding graphics and the game as a whole. According to developers, the number of positive reviews exceeds negative ones.


The developer is sure that there are two points in the graphics issue that are worth touching on - technical quality and visual performance. The team took into account the criticism from the players after Halo 4, Halo 5, and Halo Wars 2 and decided to bring the old visual style back to the game. So, it has a rich palette of colors, clean models without noise with high details.


On the technical side, the problematic in the game are simple and "plastic" characters, monotonous lighting and noticeable loading of objects.

The studio says that it is going to solve all these problems by release, and the build shown in the demo is outdated with unfinished graphical elements and systems. The team corrected many points right away, and found out about others only after showing the demo. They are already being solved.

Specifics about how exactly they change the graphic side of the game, the developers do not say. However, we do know that ray tracing, for example, will appear in Halo Infinite after the release in a separate patch. Plus, 343 Industries sees the game itself as a platform on which to create other projects in the series.

Like the icing on the cake, the developers admit that they had a drink with Craig, a monster who, thanks to his calm face at the time of death, became a meme. The developers laugh at this too.

Netflix to release Splinter Cell animated series

If you are waiting for the game continuation of Splinter Cell, then you will have to wait further. Meanwhile, Netflix and Ubisoft are planning to bring Sam Fisher's story to screens in the form of an animated series.

So far, there are no details about the film adaptation, other than the fact that the show will be produced by Derek Kolstead, who is responsible for the scripts for the trilogy about John Wick. Netflix plans to release two seasons with a total of 16 episodes.


This isn't Kolsted's first adaptation of the game, and he's also been making screen adaptations of My Friend Pedro, Just Cause, Hitman and many more. By the way, as is often the case with such adaptations, some projects may not live to see the release.

As for the newest game, it is expected to be announced next year.

Next Generation version of GTA 5 and other details from Take-Two Financial Report

Take-Two has released its first quarter financials. It turned out to be a record one. We can see several interesting points in it. Here's the most important:

  • The company's total revenue is up 136% year over year.
  • 87% of all sales came from digital releases.
  • GTAV has a total circulation of 135 million so far, while RDR 2 has 32 million.
  • Next year we will see the next-gen version of GTA 5, which will receive a number of graphical and technical improvements. Game performance will also increase.
  • The EGS Giveaway has dramatically increased online GAT 5.
  • GTA Online Microtransaction Revenue Increased 155%

Also recently, the head of the publishing house Strauss Zelnik in an interview with commented on the increase in prices for games. Development is becoming more expensive, he says, as the publisher is chasing quality products and experiences. In this case, high quality should reflect the price.

At the same time, Take-Two does not speak for the entire industry and their colleagues are not obliged to raise prices either, although Zelnik himself says that the $ 10 price increase is rather modest. Plus, not all Take-Two projects will now have this price tag. The exact price will vary from game to game.

These were all the important news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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