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Optimizing your computer. SlimComputer

Learn how to speed up your computer in this article.

How do I make my computer run faster? We are asked this question very often. Of course, all the answers to this question have long been received, and no one will reinvent the wheel. In this article, we will try to systematize our knowledge on this issue.

Improves computer performance. General tips:

1. Update the elements of the motherboard (increase RAM, replace the video card, overclock the processor) - all this will increase the performance of your PC.

2. Use software to optimize computer performance.

Of course, the first point is radical. Not everyone is ready to change the hardware of their computer, it costs money. In general, this activity is quite troublesome.

We will tell you how to optimize your computer using specially designed programs. And, based on the concept of the WorldOfTopics.RU website, we will talk about free programs.

So, the simplest solution to optimize your computer is to reinstall Windows. However, while reinstalling Windows is a good way to improve the performance of your computer, doing it every 2-3 months is quite troublesome. it takes time and desire. It is much easier to keep the system in good condition, and it makes sense to reinstall Windows 1-2 times a year, depending on the need.

Now let's talk about how you can take preventive actions to optimize your computer. First, you should pay attention to the swap file. If your computer is not the newest and has less than 8 GB of RAM, a good way to speed up your PC is to increase the paging file 1.5-2 times compared to the amount of RAM. For information on how to change the size of the paging file, see the article - Change the size of the paging file.

After that, you need to choose a high-quality antivirus, because viruses, Trojan horses and other programs harmful to your computer slow down its work at times. In the Security section, we introduce readers to free tools to protect your computer. However, in our opinion, it is necessary to think about a full-fledged paid version of the antivirus, and use the methods of increasing computer protection listed on our website as additional ones. After all, security is not an area where you should save.

The next step to optimize your computer can be disk defragmentation. Defragmentation will organize the data on your hard drive, thereby increasing the speed of reading information, and this will allow your computer to work faster. Read more about defragmentation in our article - Disk Defragmenter. Auslogics Disk Defrag.

After defragmenting the disk, it will be rational to assess which programs are at startup and remove unnecessary ones. Startup programs start automatically when Windows starts, therefore, the more programs there are at startup, the longer your operating system takes to load. For information on how to work with Windows startup, read the article - Adding / removing a program from startup. AnVir Task Manager.

Now is the time to clean up any unnecessary entries in the Windows registry. Registry cleaning is described in detail in the article - System cleaning. CCleaner program. But before deleting something, you need to be sure that the file or program being deleted will not harm the operation of the operating system. And here another question already arises: how can an ordinary user determine whether a program can be deleted? Of course, the description of all programs and files is on the Internet, you just need to find them. But a few days ago we came across a good program - SlimComputer , which can help the user find out which programs are most heavily loaded on the processor, thereby slowing down the computer.

SlimComputer assigns a special rating to programs for how much they slow down the computer. Based on this rating, you can select the heaviest programs and remove them.

SlimComputer Program

You can download SlimComputer from the official website of the program at this link.

Installing the program

Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. During installation, you will be prompted to install the additional AVG Security Toolbar service from AVG (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Installing additional services Fig. 1 Installing additional services

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