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Scientists have created a gadget for programming dreams


Researchers at Dream Lab have developed sleep devices in the form of sensors on the wrist and fingers that form a glove. The gadget will help to track the phases of falling asleep and, most importantly, it is able to form the theme of dreams, similar to how it happens in the famous film by Christopher Nolan "Inception".

Researchers have spent several years developing an open source portable platform for dreaming. The authors of the project plan to prove the theory that dreams are not an accidental product of the resting brain. This is something more, where you can penetrate and program a certain scenario inside the dream.

The invention is called Dormio, and outwardly such sleep gadgets are an open glove equipped with several sensors. They track the slightest muscle movements, heart rate, and together this allows you to determine which phase of sleep is currently active. When a person plunges into an intermediate state between wakefulness and final sleep (hypnagogia), Dormio begins to act as its developers intended - to track the onset of sleep and take root into its plot.


In a state of hypnagogia, the gadget starts programming sleep using sound commands. So, if someone who is in a borderline state and is about to fall asleep hears the word "elephant" generated by the system, then it is he who, according to the inventors' idea, he will see in his dream. The technology has already been tested on volunteers, and, according to the researchers, everything worked out like that: people saw in a dream what the device told them at the time of hypnagogy.

As a physiological state, sleep is characterized by a decrease in the body's response to external stimuli, but the brain continues to work at this time, albeit in a specific mode. Despite the fact that sleep is equivalent to resting time, the brain neurons remain active at this moment. This was discovered using electrophysiological methods, which allowed researchers to detect the activity of cells in the cerebral cortex. It turned out that at the time of dreams, they can work even more intensely than during wakefulness. It is this feature that the creators of Dormio want to use so that their device can influence sleep and shape its scenario.


In the future, the researchers believe that the device they have created for sleeping will allow its owner to establish complete control over dreams. Also, the authors of the project hope that in parallel with this, the gadget will help develop creativity and improve memory. For this, scientists plan to study in more detail the hypnagogic states of the transition from waking to sleep.

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Author: Jake Pinkman