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Cruella in the Jungle

Image Back in 2013, Disney studio launched a full-length feature film about the famous villainess from "101 Dalmatians" Cruella De Ville . The main role in the film is assigned to Emma Stone, and now, it seems, the project has found a director as well.

According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , Alex Timbers is negotiating to lead the filming of the tape. If everything goes well, he will have to realize the script that Kelly Marcel ("Fifty Shades of Gray") and Jez Butterworth ("007: SPECTRUM") managed to work on.

For the first time Cruella De Ville was presented to viewers in the animation film 101 Dalmatians , in 1996 the image of the villainess in the feature film was embodied by Glenn Close. It is reported that the new project will tell how the heroine turned into such a dangerous and cruel business woman, obsessed with fur.


The new director of the film about Cruell is best known for his work on the stage, for which he was twice nominated for the honorary Tony award. Also Timbers is one of the creators of the series "Mozart in the Jungle" ( Mozart in the Jungle ), and the project Disney will be the director's debut in a big movie ... Now Alex is also listed as the director of the biographical drama The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, but this picture has been in development for quite some time, and there is no news about it yet.

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