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The Runner's failure remains a mystery to Villeneuve

Image There was a lot of buzz around Blade Runner 2049 this year, but Denis Villeneuve's film failed to impress the creators with the box office. Nevertheless, the director was satisfied with the final version of his film. Of great importance to him was the opinion of Ridley Scott, who shot the original tape, and the leading actor in the first part of Harrison Ford, whose sympathy the new "Runner" was still able to win. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the director shared his thoughts on the reasons for his creation's box office failure.

I'm still trying to make sense of this. Never before had my work received such great reviews from critics, and it seemed to me that everyone was looking forward to the premiere. But the US box office results were a real disappointment, said Villeneuve. -Nowadays, visual effects and graphics have taken a big step forward, but one beautiful picture is not enough. I can assume that most moviegoers were not familiar with the universe. Maybe long timing played a role. The real reason is still a mystery to me. I make films, I don’t sell them”.


Villeneuve considers his work completed, and therefore fans should not wait for the director's cut: what is shown in cinemas is the final version. And even if from the financial point of view the results of Blade Runner leave much to be desired, Denis Villeneuve is still one of the most interesting and sought-after directors to date.

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Author: Jake Pinkman