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The CW brings horror through the eyes of women

Image Recently, having announced the news about the shooting of a drama about female gladiator fights in Ancient Rome, the The CW channel announced the start of work on another project in a format unusual for the television network.

According to the portal Deadline , the channel is starting to develop a series called Black Rose Anthology . The TV show will be produced by Drew Barrymore, her Flower Films co-star Nancy Juvonen (Donnie Darko), Jill E. Blotvogel , who previously worked on the TV version of Scream and Isle Harper ", as well as Jamie Denenberg (" The Willis Massacre ") and Kevin Abrams (" Terrorist ").

The new project is a horror anthology similar to American Horror Story and Channel Zero. However, this series The CW is different in that various aspects of horror will be shown from the point of view of women. The creators plan to reveal the problematic of the innermost fears of mankind and, through plot sketches, raise the themes of guilt, jealousy, paranoia, insanity, sexual obsession and survival. In addition, all directors and writers of the series will be representatives of the fair sex. The pilot will be scripted by Jill E. Blotvogel .


The genre of horror has always been dominated by male directors: Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Craven, Roman Polanski, and among modern filmmakers, we can single out James Wang. In 1953, Ida Lupino directed the noir thriller The Hitchhiker, but only recently have the attention-grabbing horror films from female directors begun to appear: Jennifer's Body by Karin Kusama, The Grave by Julia Ducorno, Babadook by Jennifer Kent. Perhaps thanks to the upcoming anthology channel The CW will open up new talents to the world.

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