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The path to glory. Trailer of the cartoon ”Sing”

Image All cartoons of the young studio Illumination Entertainment , with rather cool reviews from critics, showed themselves well at the box office. The Despicable Me franchise and its subsidiary project Minions have achieved particular success among viewers. This summer, in theaters, viewers spied on The Secret Life of Pets, which just fell short of the billion-dollar grosses of its competitors - Disney's Zootopia and Pixar's Finding Dory.

The next project Illumination Entertainment is also dedicated to the unusual adventures of representatives of the animal world. A dubbed trailer of the animated film " Beast " has appeared on the Web, which will tell viewers about a world where animals have taken the place of people.

Koala Buster Moon ( Matthew McConaughey ) - director and owner of a theater that has lost its former glory and success, is organizing an incredible song contest-casting to revive the work of his life. The main characters of the cartoon, voiced by Scarlett Johansson , Reese Witherspoon , Taron Edgerton and Seth McFarlane , are completely different residents of the city united by the dream of a career on stage. The young elephant Kelly , with a beautiful voice, is too afraid of public speaking, the gorilla Johnny does not want to be more connected with his father's criminal business, the pig Rosita is raising alone a brood of piglets, and the young porcupine Ash constantly quarrels with his parents because of his musical hobby. Such different characters will compete with thousands of other anthropomorphic animals with the power of their talents.


The film was directed by Garth Jennings , who is known for screening the cult novel by Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The director himself will voice one of the characters in his film (which is remarkable - female). He previously had experience as a voice actor in Wes Anderson's puppet show Fantastic Mr. Fox, which won two Oscar nominations in 2010.

The soundtrack for " Sing " includes over 85 tracks, from classics to recent chart-topping musicians. After the premiere at the Toronto festival, the cartoon received many positive reviews from critics, who noted its emotionality.

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The USA premiere of the tape is scheduled for March 2, 2017 .

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