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Tom Hardy will connect with Venom

Image Tom Hardy can trade Bane's suit for an alien parasite. As it became known to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , the actor is in the final stage of negotiations with the studio Sony about getting the lead role in the blockbuster " Venom ".

Not so long ago, the major announced that he intends to build an entire franchise around characters from the Spider-Man universe. A film about the journalist Eddie Brock is intended to start this series. It is set to premiere on October 5, 2018 .

About a month ago there were rumors that producer Adi Shankar might get the director's chair for Venom . However, Sony bosses chose a more experienced director - Ruben Fleischer ("The Drunkest District in the World", "Welcome to Zombieland"), who, like Hardy , while only negotiating. Curiously, the filmmaker was considered one of the candidates to direct Suicide Squad 2, but it looks like he can be removed from the list of applicants.


The Hardy , who will be seen at Dunkirk this year, will certainly fit perfectly into the image of Venom . The actor is famous for his thoughtful approach to each of his roles. Who Tom hasn't been during his career - and the cruel Charles Bronson , and the charming Eames from "Inception", and the silent Forrest Bondurant from "The Drunkest District in the World." And the game Hardy in "Taboo" has become one of the hallmarks of the series.


"Venom" studio Sony plans to begin filming this fall, while Scott Rosenberg ("Blood and Sweat: Anabolics") and Jeff Pinkner ("5th wave").

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Author: Jake Pinkman