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Jack Sparrow and the Radicals: Watch This Week

Image Shortly before the summer holidays, the studio Disney is releasing a tape , where the protagonist is Jack Sparrow (sorry, Captain Jack Sparrowof course). Clearly realizing that the whole younger generation would rush into Depp's antics with popcorn in their hands, other distributors decided to hold back their releases. However, a couple of daredevils were found. But first things first ...

The authors of the new Pirates of the Caribbean categorically declare that"the dead do not tell tales". In addition, they promise scenes with young Jack Sparrow and a charismatic antagonist played by Javier Bardem. Considering that this will be the fifth film in the franchise, the producers decided to play it safe and invite representatives of the old guard: there was news about Orlando Bloom's participation, there were rumors that Keira Knightley would appear.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Dubbed Trailer

In addition, the new part will focus on the issue of fathers and children. And this week, there was news that hackers had stolen the tape and were threatening to put it on the Web if they were not given money. Everyone decides for himself how to treat this information, but hackers ask for a lot of money. Looks like they liked the movie. Well, going to the cinema for the fifth part is another reason to admire the sultry Kaya Scodelario.

Dubbed trailer

Another premiere next week is the horror anthology Monsters of the South . The authors stop several heroes on a deserted road. There smartphones do not catch the network, and navigators cannot calculate the route. The case is not complete without representatives of the cult, who worship otherworldly forces. Or maybe these are not otherworldly forces? Maybe each of the heroes was overtaken by the past? The creators of the tape send their characters to the very bottom of the soul, where dark secrets reign, which no one knows about. World critics praised this psychological experiment - on Rotten Tomatoes the film has more than 80% positive reviews. It will be possible to assess whether the declared topic is so well disclosed next week.


The list of upcoming premieres is completed by the documentary "Radicals of the XXI century" . The film's director, Adam Bala Lowe, raises a critical question in the era of the world's internet. Namely: does freedom of speech exist on the Web? What can be put there and what not? Which prohibitions can be bypassed and which are not? Separately, we note that the previous film by Adam Bala Lowe "Cold World of Hot Sugar" was warmly received at the international festival SXSW . In general, there are more than enough reasons to watch Radicals .

If you want more variety, do not forget that the films that we talked about a week ago remain at the box office.

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