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US Boxing Office: Ugly Grue Got His Courage

Image The third part of " Despicable Me 3 " could not escape the fate that follows most of the sequels, and as a result earned less than predicted, which, however, did not prevent the cartoon from taking first place in the North American box office.

Overall, the current blockbuster season is not as successful as last year, and is 8% behind in terms of numbers. The distributors hoped that the weekend leading up to the celebration of Independence Day would save the day, but Gru and the minions fell short of their expectations. Over the past weekend ( June 30 - July 2 ), the animation has raised $ 75.4 million . This is less than it was possible to master at the start of the second part ( $ 83.5 million ), even considering the fact that the triquel has opened in a record number of cinemas.

Of course, in the first five days at the box office, the cartoon will climb to the mark of $ 100 million , which with a budget of $ 80 million is a good result. But outside the United States, Gru and his henchmen are doing much better - overseas viewers just last week brought $ 95.6 million tapes to the piggy bank, and now its collections are all over the world estimated at $ 192.3 million .


Distributors hoped until the last moment that Despicable Me 3 would surpass the mark of $ 80 million in home theaters in the first weekend, but the audience's interest in the cartoon was probably influenced by the first reviews. The audience, of course, gave the triquel a high rating for A- , but the reviewers were more skeptical in their judgments. The third film is a worthy sequel to the franchise, and watching the central characters is still interesting, but it's hard to find any memorable moments here, be it jokes or action. The lack of fresh ideas affects, although the new Despicable Me proves once again that the film series can exist for a long time.


The film “ Baby on a Drive ” finished its first weekend in the second position of the top-5. Contrary to all expectations, the film earned $ 21 million , and for the director Edgar Wright this is the best starting point in his entire career. According to forecasts, the film will become the highest-grossing film among the director's works after a week at the box office.

Such a high interest in "Baby on a Drive" is caused not only by the fact that many Hollywood stars have gathered in the frame, from Kevin Spacey to the girls' favorite Ansel Elgort, but also by positive reviews, which the film began to receive more in the spring after the premiere at the SXSW festival. Wright has been hatching the idea of the project for many years, and his dedication and confidence in what he does show in every frame of the picture. Romance, robberies, chases and a perfectly matched soundtrack - all this is woven together into a dizzying action-comedy, which is called by critics almost the best in the last decade.


The newcomers in the top five are followed by last week's leaders. As expected, the audience for the blockbuster " Transformers: The Last Knight " dropped significantly, and the second weekend brought the movie Michael Bay only $ 17 million . His accomplishments in the North American box office are still underwhelming - $ 102.1 million on a huge $ 217 -million budget. However, revenues outside the United States save the film, which has collected a lot of negative reviews, from failure - viewers from other countries reacted to the Autobots more loyal, providing them with a box office of $ 327.8 million .


But " Wonder Woman ", it seems, is not going to stop there. The new week brought the film Patty Jenkins another $ 16.1 million . And now the blockbuster about the princess of the Amazons with the amount of $ 346.6 million is not only the highest-grossing film in the DC cinematic universe, but also ranks third among all full-length adaptations of DC comics , second only to The Dark Knight and its sequel.


Closed the top 5 cartoon " Cars 3 " with the amount of $ 9.5 million . The decline in viewers' interest in the animated film is explained by the emergence of a strong competitor in the person of the third "Despicable Me" . Like most sequels to popular franchises, the picture could not avoid the so-called"sequelitis"- it was faced with the problem of attracting an audience, whose interest in all kinds of sequels and prequels over time begins to fade.

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