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Eddie Murphy will return to its former glory

Image Although Eddie Murphy has gained worldwide fame for his comedies, his only Oscar nomination was for his role as R&B star Jimmy Earley in the musical drama Dream Girls. The online service Netflix is ready to give the actor a new opportunity to impress moviegoers with his vocal abilities. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Murphy has been offered the lead role in the comedy Soul Soul Soul: The Murray Murray Story , written by Chris Keyes ("Twisted city "/ Spin City ).

The film will be a pseudo-documentary about the life of soul singer Murray Murray . When a young competitor uses a fragment of his song in his new hit, the main character decides to gather his old band and return to the top of the musical Olympus ...

Brett Ratner , who already knows Murphy from his work on How to Steal a Skyscraper, received an invitation to take the director's chair. A couple of years ago, the duo were ready to reunite on the set of the action comedy Beverly Hills Cop 4, but in the end, work on the new part of the popular film series was postponed due to problems with the script.


Tyler Mitchell (Lucky Number Slevin) and Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind) will be producing. The latter already has a wealth of experience working on projects on musical themes: with his active participation, the biopic of James Brown and documentaries about the rapper Jay-Z and the singer Katy Perry were created.

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Author: Jake Pinkman