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McConaughey will return to wild life

Image Just recently we reported that Matthew McConaughey intends to play in a noir thriller from Stephen Knight, as the actor has found another new project for himself. According to the portal The Hollywood Reporter , McConaughey , seen in recent years exclusively in dramas, decided to return to the comedy genre and star in the tape The Beach Bum .

The film will be directed and written by Harmony Korin, known for the comedies "Uncooked Holidays" and "Mister Loneliness". Production will be shared by John Lesher (Birdman), Steve Golin (Spotlight), as well as Charles-Marie Antonios, Nicholas Lhermitte (Probably) and Murad Belkeddar (God Knows What).

Filming is due to start in July. It will focus on the misadventures of Mundog - an attractive swindler and rebel who lives in grand style.

“It will be a wild and daring movie, - said Harmony Korin . -And, in my opinion, no one will play the main character of this life-affirming comedy better than Matthew McConaughey ".


" Harmony has come up with a film that is perfect for the present time - an original, daring and mind-blowing addict comedy, the idea of which could only have occurred to him", - added the producer John Lesher .

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Author: Jake Pinkman