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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did not disappoint the US box office

Image The first weekend in June ( June 3-5 ) North American viewers preferred to watch the sequel to Ninja Turtles and the next X-Men.

The Second "Turtles" initially in the eyes of journalists and distributors looked like favorites in rivalry with the mutants studio 20th Century Fox . As a result, the green reptiles managed to raise $ 35.3 million . This turned out to be quite enough to get ahead of the X-Men , but the sequel could not improve the achievements of the original. Moreover, the continuation of the film series earned almost half the amount of the first part, which ended its debut weekend in 2014 with the amount of $ 65.5 million. Considering that the budget of the second film was $ 135 million , the leadership of Paramount probably counted on more.

True, the reviews about this picture cannot but please the major. Cinema goers did not skimp on good ratings: the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on CinemaScore are rated A- . Critics in their statements were restrained, but most of them agreed on one thing - the sequel managed to surpass the original. Special effects, dynamic storytelling and the required degree of tension are the main positive aspects of the second Turtles . Praised by reviewers and newcomer to the franchise - Stephen Amell, who played in the blockbuster Casey Jones .


As for the negative reviews, they mainly feature complaints about the primitiveness of the script and the overkill with action scenes that did not sufficiently reveal the main characters and their motivation. On the other hand, hardly anyone from the audience went to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a psychoanalysis session with Donatello or Shredder . Elsewhere, Dave Green's film has already earned $ 34 million , and its premiere in China, which brought the first part over $ 60 million, will take place in July.


On the second line of the financial rating was the leader of the last week - the tape " X-Men: Apocalypse ". The Marvel mutants received another $ 22.3 million at their disposal, and now their box office totals $ 116.5 million . Brian Singer's film received mixed reviews from critics, who considered Apocalypse not a new stage in the development of the franchise, but a huge step back. However, angry statements about the blockbuster do not prevent him from conquering viewers all over the world. Evidence of this is the worldwide collection of more than $ 400 million .


The third line, to the surprise of many, was taken by the melodrama " See you ". Based on the bestselling novel by Jojo Moyes, the film grossed $ 18.3 million on its debut weekend. For a tape with a budget of $ 20 million and a story about love, such a result seems quite decent. In addition, the audience gave the film Thea Sharrock an excellent rating of A . Critics noted the excellent duet of Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin. The reviewers were also pleased with the fact that Moyes wrote the script herself, which means that fans of her literary work should not worry about the similarity between the adaptation and the original source. "Me Before You" is a film intended primarily for the fairer sex, which is confirmed by statistics: 81% of viewers, who attended sessions in the United States - women.


The fantasy " Alice Through the Looking Glass " has dropped to the fourth position. The painting by James Bobin managed to raise $ 10.7 million in the second week - a rather modest result, considering that the tape's budget was $ 170 million . So far, Alice has only $ 50.8 million in his piggy bank, and distributors are beginning to doubt that the sequel will earn at least $ 85 million in home theaters - the amount that the first part mastered in two days at the box office. The creation of Bobin has already disappointed critics, and the reason for this is an absolutely uninteresting plot that makes viewers yawn from boredom by the middle of the film.


Closing today's review cartoon " Angry Birds in Cinema ", which has mastered an additional $ 9.8 million . The grumpy birds managed to shoot $ 86.7 million in three weeks, but next weekend they will probably be chased from the top five by Orcs and the greatest magicians in the world.

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Author: Jake Pinkman