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Oxxxymiron will play Pelevin's character

Image Recently, Viktor Ginzburg shared news from the filming of the adaptation of Victor Pelevin's novel Empire V. To work on the picture, the director considered both professional actors and participants in the people's casting. The team has already included Natalia Andreichenko, Yuri Stoyanov and Konstantin Bogomolov, and recently Oxxxymiron joined them. The rapper will play the main antagonist Mitra, reports "Lenta.Ru".

"Empire V" is the story of 20-year-old Roman Shtorkin, who, by coincidence, became a vampire. The hero has to take a course of "young bloodsucker": get used to new sensations, say goodbye to the usual life and even change his name. The main role went to Pavel Tabakov, who has to find a balance between the human and the otherworldly on the big screens.


The novel was released in November 2006 and became Pelevin's eighth work. A film based on it is due out at the end of next year.

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