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The last fight is the hardest one

Image In recent years, the box office receipts of cinemas in the Middle Kingdom have skyrocketed. Having achieved great success in their homeland, many Chinese filmmakers set off to conquer the world stage.

As reported by The Wrap , media mogul Bruno Wu has decided to fund the creation of the tape " The Last Mission " ( The Last Mission ). The action movie will be the first English-language film by the Hong Kong-based company Peak Time Entertainment , which Wu co-created with Hollywood producer Arthur M. Sarkissian (Rush Hour).

The Last Mission will be scripted by Richard Wenck (16 Quarters, The Great Equalizer) and Rodney Patrick Vaccaro (Tango Three). The main characters of the film will be veterans of the special forces, who will have to return to duty to complete a dangerous mission in Southeast Asia.


The production of the film will be entrusted to Dustin Nuen . The Vietnamese-American began his career in Hollywood as an actor, but made his directing debut just three years ago with the action movie Once Upon a Time in Vietnam.

The production team of Nuena expects to begin work on “ The Final Mission ” as early as February next year. According to Bruno Wu , an explosive mixture of "Die Hard" and "Braveheart" will await the audience.

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Author: Jake Pinkman