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Fox will get a new driver's license

Image Last year the studio Sony introduced the new "Ghostbusters", and next year a remake of "Inveterate Scammers" should be released. These films have in common that both of them are new versions of popular films of the 80s, in which the central characters of the stories instead of men became women. Studio 20th Century Fox intends to add to this list its own project - the major announced the start of work on a remake of the youth comedy " Driver's license ". The information portal Deadline informs about it.

The original picture from 1988 follows the 16-year-old Wes Anderson , who dreams of driving, but fails his driving test. However, the guy is not going to cancel the date with his girlfriend and decides to borrow his father's Cadillac. Unfortunately, the girl gets drunk and turns off, and Wes does not find a better solution but to call a friend for help, but from this moment their adventures are just beginning ...The main roles in the tape were played by Corey Hame and Corey Feldman.

Although the film Driver's License did not receive rave reviews from critics, it showed good results at the box office, earning $ 22.4 million on a budget of $ 8 million .


The script will be written by Alisha Brophy and Scott Miles, and two girls will be at the center of events of the upcoming film, described as the female version of "Superbad". The project is being developed by the original producer John Davis, whose track record already contains several remakes of classic stories ("Victor Frankenstein", "Agents of A.N.K.L."), and not so long ago, information appeared about the upcoming Davis a new version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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