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Casting: Knightley Spy and Besson Stars

Image This year, Keira Knightley appeared in only one film - the fifth part of "Pirates of the Caribbean", and next year the actress can be seen in three films at once. Now this list has been replenished with a fourth item: as the Variety portal managed to find out, Knightley will take part in the filming of the yet unnamed drama from the producers of Manchester by the Sea.

The script was written by Camilla Blackett ("New Girl"), but the project has not yet acquired a director. Knightley will also act as one of the producers of the tape, and what is known about her role is that it will be a spy image. Future films with the actress include the dramas The Aftermath * and Colette *, as well as Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms fantasy tale.

More recently, information has been leaked to the press that Luc Besson is preparing a sequel to the fantastic thriller Lucy. However, the filmmaker subsequently denied these rumors, accusing journalists of publishing deliberately false news in pursuit of a sensation. It has now become known that Besson's next project will be a film called Anna, and the director has already found actors who will play the main roles in it.

The title character will be played by actress Sasha Luss, who is still unknown to the general public, and she will be accompanied by Helen Mirren ("The Queen") and Luke Evans ("Dracula"). The details of the plot of the tape are kept secret, only the genre is known - it will be an action movie. After the failure of the blockbuster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Besson must have aimed at a smaller-scale movie.

Like Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren will appear next year in the new Nutcracker, and Luke Evans will soon be tackling Wonder Woman in the drama Professor Marston and Wonder Women.


James Wan always seems to be short of horror films to produce, and he is adding more and more projects to his plans. So, Linda Cardellini ("The Suspect", "Ambulance") will play the main role in the horror film The Children ("Children" *), which Van prepares for the New Line studio. The director's chair was given to the debutant of the full-length film, Michael Chavez. The plot will revolve around a woman investigating the case of the mysterious disappearance of two children. The more the main character plunges into the search, the more clearly she feels that she has stumbled upon something terrible. Something threatening her own family ...

The next film with Cardellini's participation promises to be less creepy than the project by James Wang. The actress will appear in the form of a wife, busy with raising children and a husband in the comedy “Hello, Dad, New Year! 2 ".

* - preliminary translation.

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