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Casting: unusual student and geneticist

Image Director Shane Black continues to gather the cast for the new " Predator " - this time the star of the drama "Room" has decided to join the fight against the bloodthirsty creature Jacob Tremblay .

Earlier, Boyd Holbrook, Sterling K. Brown, Keegan-Michael Key and Trevante Rhodes managed to sign up for the shooting of the film, while Thomas Jane is still in talks.

What is known about the plot is that the hero of Holbrooke is a former military man who learns about the existence of cruel aliens, but cannot convince anyone of this. Tremblay has to embody the image of his son. The boy is often bullied at school, but thanks to his unusual ability to learn languages, he will become a key player in the fight against the alien race.


After the release of "Rooms" Jacob Tremblay got a role in the drama "Miracle" from the studio Lionsgate , as well as the thriller "The Book of Henry" by Colin Trevorrow, premiere scheduled for summer.

The actress Naomi Harris , recently nominated for Oscar for the drama Moonlight and well known to Bond fans for her role as Moneypenny , will join Duane Johnson on the set of Fury , an adaptation of the arcade game Rampage .


The film adaptation is being led by the San Andreas Rift team - director Brad Peyton and producer Beau Flynn. The details of the plot of the film are kept secret, but, as in the original game, it certainly will not do without the monster-like gorilla, lizard and werewolf, which will bring rustle in North America. It is reported that Naomi Harris will play a geneticist in the film.


Vivica A. Fox ("Independence Day") has a role in the action comedy The Mafia Ain't Dead . Her colleagues on the set will be Obba Babatunde and Cody Saintnew, and the director's chair will be given to Gregory J. Martin (Skeletons in the Desert). The film is about an Italian-American boxer who is fond of stories about gangsters and one day decides to create his own mafia with a friend.

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