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Universal is preparing the Fast and the Furious spin-off

Image The Fast and the Furious franchise may end after the tenth movie, but for some of the characters, it's just getting started. In many ways, the eighth part was remembered for the duet of Hobbs and Deckard Show , and now the studio Universal is thinking about giving these heroes a spin-off.

As the site Deadline reports, there is no specifics yet, except that Chris Morgan, the author of the last six parts of Fast and the Furious , will be responsible for the script of the new project, starting with Tokyo Drift ". As planned by the major, Hobbs and Shaw will once again join forces to fight the enemy, which may be the villainess Cypher , played by Charlize Theron. No wonder Morgan hinted in his interviews that the antagonist had a significant role in the film series. Journalists believe that the bosses of Universal are ready to start working on the spin-off as soon as possible, in parallel with the plot of the ninth film.

It is not yet clear how the upcoming spin-off will affect the fate of the main franchise, which continues to bring Universal profit after 15 years. The company has been thinking about a solo album for Hobbs for a long time, but the busy work schedule of Dwayne Johnson put an end to the studio's plans. However, his hero remained an integral part of the franchise, although during the work on the eighth "Fast and the Furious" information appeared in the press more than once about the tensions between Vin Diesel and The Rock . The Universal bosses probably want to separate Hollywood stars from different angles with the help of a spin-off.


In any case, the studio will win - Diesel will remain in the franchise that launched his film career, and Johnson and Jason State will shine in their own film series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman