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Nazi Hunters

Image If your directorial debut has earned critical praise, and your box office box office has exceeded budget by dozens of times, expect interesting proposals from major studios. So Jordan Peele received an invitation from Warner Bros. to lead the filming of Akira, but refused due to his desire to focus on creating original projects. Deadline managed to find out that one of these for Saw will be a series called The Hunt ("The Hunt" *).

The drama from aspiring screenwriter David Weil is inspired by real-life events. In the center of the plot is a group of hunters who in the 70s set out to track down and kill Nazis, those whom the government helped to escape justice and join American society.

Peel will co-produce the show. His company, Monkeypaw Productions, will work on a new series with Sonar Entertainment, responsible for the appearance of The Chronicles of Shannara and Mister Mercedes, and then submit the show to various channels. Since after the release of the horror movie Get Out, which grossed $ 252 million, interest in Jordan Peel has increased significantly, insiders believe that his new project will quickly find shelter on one of the cable channels or online services.


Also on the list of plans for the future, Jordan Peele remains the series Lovecraft Country ("Lovecraft Land" *), which he co-produces with JJ Abrams, and an unnamed thriller for Universal about the Ku Klux Klan.

* - preliminary translation.

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