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John McTiernan: Superhero Films Made by the Nazis

Image Hollywood bosses are so carried away by superhero blockbusters that recently the state of affairs in American cinema has raised concerns among many famous artists. The director John McTiernan , who presented the audience with such cult action films as "Predator" and "Die Hard", did not stay away from this question. In an interview with the French edition of Premiere , the famous director lashed out at the creators of the movie comics.

I hate most modern blockbusters, - the director admitted. -They start to annoy me from the very first seconds. But the studio bosses are now only interested in film adaptations of comics. Look, even producers like Joel Silver are finding it increasingly difficult to create action movies.

Superhero movies have a lot of action but little soul. These films are shot by fascists who want to make every child on the planet believe that they will never be destined to become the one who deserves a film in their honor. It was different before. Through cinema, children learned how to behave. It really helped educate young people. And all these comic book adaptations are just business. What's more, superheroes have helped shape the true cult of American hypermasculinity. In my opinion, this is almost the worst thing that could happen to our world over the past half century. I don't understand who else has a desire to watch something like a movie, the main character of which is named Captain America . ”


McTiernan is difficult to reproach for an unjustifiably harsh assessment of the modern film industry, because right before his eyes, the story of an ordinary policeman who shed blood in a battle with terrorists in the Nakatomi Tower, evolved into another franchise about an invulnerable hero can even take the laws of physics.

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Author: Jake Pinkman