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Michael S. Hall takes up the scalpel again

Image Four years after the completion of the cult series "Dexter", Michael S. Hall decided to please viewers with the main role in an intriguing new television project. Variety has learned that the Golden Globe Award winner will lead the cast of the action-packed thriller Safe .

The idea for the series belongs to the popular American detective writer Harlan Coben. Briton Daniel Blockhurst ("Shameless") will act as the main scriptwriter of the eight-part project.

Hall has to embody the image of a pediatric surgeon named Tom , who has to raise two teenage daughters alone. No sooner has it seemed to the protagonist of the story that the girls had finally begun to move away from the loss of their mother, as his life would turn upside down. Tom will find new problems when one of his daughters runs away from home for a party that ends in a terrible tragedy ...


Amanda Abbington ("Sherlock") has also reportedly joined the cast. Her role in the thriller is still kept secret.

The series will be produced by RED Production Company , and the French TV network Canal + and the online service Netflix have already shared the rights to show it. Insiders still find it difficult to say whether we are talking about an 8-episode mini-series, or whether the producers have plans to create several seasons at once.

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Author: Jake Pinkman