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Casey Affleck will be devoured by a passionate love of literature

Image Casey Affleck , who received the coveted statuette at the last Oscars for the main role in the drama "Manchester by the Sea" at the last ceremony, seems to have finally decided on his next project. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the actor is about to join forces with director Joe Wright to film the adaptation of John Williams' novel Stoner . The film will be produced by Blumhouse Productions , Cohen Media Group and Film4 .

Screenwriter and playwright Andrew Bovell, who contributed to the crime drama The Most Dangerous Man starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and the thriller Retribution starring Mel Gibson, will take over the adaptation of the story.Its main character, an ordinary peasant guy named William Stoner , suddenly became interested in Shakespeare's texts. After graduating from college, he refuses to return to his parent's farm and stays at the university to continue his studies and then teach. All decisions of a young man, his actions, relations with his family and his beloved woman are ultimately determined by a passionate love for literature.


Published in 1965, the novel by the American poet and novelist John Williams was initially unsuccessful. Its literary merits only became apparent in the early 2000s, when the book's reprint caused a huge resonance in many countries, and The New Yorker called it "the greatest American novel you have never heard of."

For Blumhouse , which usually specializes in the production of horror films, the adaptation of a literary work will mark a departure from the usual course. Producer Jason Bloom , who acquired the rights to the book in 2011, stated:“The novel is very beautiful, but not very well known, and therefore its fans seem to belong to some secret club. I am thrilled that Casey , Joe and Andrew will participate in our project and help increase the number of members of this club. ”


At the moment, two films at once with the participation of Casey Affleck are in the post-production stage: the dramas "The Old Man and the Gun" with Robert Redford and Elizabeth Moss about an incorrigible thief who at the end of his "career" took up his favorite business, and The Light of My Life is about the survival of a father and his little daughter in a world engulfed in a large-scale epidemic. In the latter, Affleck not only played the main role, but also acted as a director.

The British director, Joe Wright , is famous for films such as Atonement and Pride and Prejudice. The director's latest film, Dark Hours, in which Gary Oldman plays British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, is already being nominated for Oscar in various categories.

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