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Face your fears. The Ghosts of Eloise Trailer

Image The name of the two-time Oscar winner Robert Legato is unlikely to tell most moviegoers, but it was this man who had a hand in creating special effects in series such as Star Trek: Deep Space 9 "( Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ) and" Star Trek: The Next Generation "( Star Trek: The Next Generation ), as well as the films" Titanic " , Armageddon, The Aviator, and The Jungle Book. Legato has tried his hand at directing before, but on television, and his full-length debut will be the horror film The Ghosts of Eloise .

The action of the horror will unfold in the abandoned psychiatric hospital "Eloise" , which at one time was considered one of the largest institutions of this kind in the world. To receive the inheritance, Jacob (Chase Crawford) must obtain the death certificate of an aunt who was once held in the hospital. Together with three friends, the guy decides on a dangerous adventure, but soon the guys find out that finding a document is the lesser of evils, because the hospital has become a dwelling place for spirits and keeps terrible memories of the past ...

It is noteworthy that the shooting of the film took place in the very hospital "Eloise" . Its history began back in 1832, when the future hospital was a shelter for the poor. However, over time, the clinic expanded to 78 buildings, including a police and fire department, a post office, farms and even its own train station. The hospital was closed in 1982.

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USA viewers will be able to get together with the heroes of the new film into the famous insane asylum inhabited by ghosts on February 9 .

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