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Assassin's Creed Coming To Anime

Image To the disappointment of many viewers, the winter blockbuster Assassin's Creed failed to lift the curse hanging over Hollywood film adaptations of popular game hits. The adaptation of the eponymous action-adventure by Ubisoft received devastating press reviews and could not reach the level of formal self-sufficiency. The film has a production budget of $ 125 million and has a worldwide box office of $ 240 million . With several tens of millions of dollars spent on advertising the blockbuster, New Regency had to record “ Assassin's Creed ” as a loss-making film project.

Despite the failure of Justin Kurzel's tape, the bosses of Ubisoft clearly do not intend to abandon the idea of turning Assassin's Creed into a large-scale media franchise. In March of this year, the management of the French company announced their desire to send the heroes of the popular game series to small screens. As it became known, one of the leaders of the modern gaming industry has already found a new partner. The start of cooperation with Ubisoft was announced by the producer of Adi Shankar ("Judge Dredd 3D") on his page in Facebook .

I'm glad to announce that I have finally decided on my next project, Shankar wrote to his subscribers. -I played my first game in the Assassin's Creed franchise the year I decided to conquer Hollywood and move to Los Angeles. Then I could not even imagine that one day the guys from Ubisoft would ask me to create an anime series that would help them tell a new story from the world of Assassin's Creed . Never listen to those who forbid you to follow your heart. ”


Initially, it was assumed that Ubisoft plans to create a game series, but the words Shenkar make it clear that the new project based on Assassin's Creed will be implemented in an animated format. Adi already has experience working on cartoon adaptations of video games: this week, the online service Netflix will release the first season of his anime, Castlevania.

Earlier it was reported that it is Netflix that can shelter the yet unnamed TV project Ubisoft . Officials of the French company are in no hurry to confirm this information.

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Author: Jake Pinkman