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The WB will throw Nightwing into battle

Image Today is more than ever rich in good news for fans of the MCU DC . First it became known that "Batman" found a director in the person of Matt Reeves, and then the publication The Hollywood Reporter reported that the studio Warner Bros. is preparing to add a solo album to its line of superhero blockbusters Nightwing .

The main character of the film will be the heir to the circus dynasty of acrobats Dick Grayson , whose debut on the pages of comics took place in 1940. When Grayson was nine years old, his parents died while performing their signature stunt. Soon Dick learned that gangsters who ruined the trapeze in revenge for the fact that the owner of the circus refused to pay tribute to them were the culprits of the tragedy. Grayson wanted to go to the police, but at that moment Batman suddenly appeared in front of him, who warned the boy that he should not trust the corrupt servants of the law. Since the story of the orphaned child was similar to his own, Bruce Wayne decided to make Dick his student. He soon took on the nickname Robin
In 1964, Grayson founded the superhero team Teen Titans , and two decades later, the authors of DC Comics decided to give him a new nickname - Nightwing .


A couple of years ago, Warner Bros. TV wanted to make Nightwing the main character of Titans , but could not get an order for the first season from TNT channel manuals. Now the Hollywood film company has decided to bring the popular DC comic book character to the big screen.

The invitation to lead the as-yet-untitled Nightwing film went to Chris McKay , who already has a successful track record with WB . In 2011, an American animator and visual effects artist provided invaluable assistance to Phil Lord and Chris Miller in the creation of the cartoon "Lego. Film". After the animation became a box office hit, the studio offered McKay to direct its spin-off. The cartoon "The Lego Movie: Batman" was released only a couple of weeks ago, but has already managed to recoup its budget and win a lot of flattering reviews in the press.


It is reported that Bill Dubuc (Judge, Payback) has already started working on the script for the tape about Dick Grayson . The date of the premiere of the solo album Nightwing has not yet been announced.

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