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The USAn Box Office knows no life but war

Image In our yesterday's review, we mentioned that the long-awaited film adaptation of the cult video game Warcraft has performed well in the domestic box office. Official information received today from distributors confirms these words with numbers. Skillfully created and carefully designed project Duncan Jones in its first weekend has mastered the amount of 683 million rubles . And although the boom in viewers' interest fell on Thursday, and the weekend was not marked by a powerful financial increase in the box office of this film, analysts predict that it will surely surpass the billion dollar mark.

This is quite likely, given that Warcraft showed the second highest starting result after the Deadpool movie comic strip ( RUB 957.4 million for the period 11-14 February ). Also, thanks to the efforts of the fans of this rich gaming franchise, the last spring weekend's gross receipts reached 1.1 billion rubles , which is 61% more than a week ago. Thus, the rental period from May 26 to May 29 became the fourth this year and the best in the last three months. The story of the seventh part of "Star Wars" was repeated - no matter how successful or unsuccessful the film, expected and cherished by fans, the demand for it will predictably skyrocket.


However, is it worth hoping that " Varik ", as it is affectionately called, will keep the lead next week, taking into account the fact that not all gamers and just outside viewers were satisfied with the results of their work Duncan Jones and his team? Probably, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles breathing down the neck will still not be able to push the mighty Orcs out of the top spot. After all, as we noted, " Warcraft " is quite curious and even unique in its kind. Therefore, our forecast is as follows: when the first wave of the excitement caused by the premiere of the film dies down, ordinary fantasy lovers will come to its sessions, bored without scrupulously and lovingly worked out worlds, original heroes and exciting stories, which cinema has not particularly indulged us with since the end of the Hobbit franchise.

ImageAnother newcomer this week is in second place, “ Alice Through the Looking Glass ", who was unlucky to coexist with Durotan and Lothar in the rolling grid. High hopes were pinned on the sequel to Tim Burton's controversial but financially successful hit. And Alice got more copies for the show than Warcraft - 2264 versus 1249 . Nevertheless, the fairy tale under the leadership of James Bobin did not succeed - at the start it mastered only 260.5 million rubles .

In order to understand the dissatisfaction of distributors, it is worth remembering that Alice in Wonderland Burton at one time triumphantly took the third place in the ranking of the highest grossing leaders in 2010, behind only Avatar and Shrek's quadriquel. There is no reason to expect the same from " Through the Looking Glass ", because the reviews of critics about the picture do not contribute to this either. Not to say that they were devastating, but the professional community is in no hurry to determine the sequel to the highest echelon of cinematography. Among the main complaints are the banality of the plot and hackneyed morality, as well as the melancholy that Mia Wasikowska catches up with her acting, Johnny Depp - with antics, and Helena Bonham Carter - with the villainous madness on duty.

As many as two lines were lost over the past weekend by the pupils of Charles Xavier - the fantastic action movie “ X-Men: Apocalypse ” collected another 86 million rubles in seven days. Its total amount in our country, 617 million rubles. , has not yet even approached the starting achievements of " Warcraft ". But in terms of criticism, the situation has somewhat leveled off. If at first the journalists took the tape with hostility, referring to the predictability of the plot lines and wasting time for running around instead of developing the characters, then those who liked the picture for its simplicity and dynamism came along.


Be that as it may, both in content and financial terms, the new tape Brian Singer was not the best of the entire line, but paved the way for further renewal of the franchise. As for the predictions about her fate in the box office, we note: despite the tremendous fall over the period under review, it is too early to write off “ Apocalypse ”. The blockbuster will still be able to take its toll at the expense of those viewers who are simply torn apart by the influx of summer hits to the cinemas of our country.

But the days of the angry birds in the top 5 highest grossing tapes seem to be numbered. Responsible for the project Clay Catis and Fergal Reilly can add an additional 52.6 million rubles to the account of " Angry Birds " ...

ImageThe whole battle between warlike birds and shameless boars was rated by the audience as 704 million rubles . However, this year's animation standard, Disney's Zootopia, has shown by its own example that this is far from the limit.

Of course, it's good that the creators of " Angry Birds " tried to get away from politically correct cliches, but good intentions alone were not enough - the picture was accused of being too tough and uncompromising. It is not surprising that the children took it cool. The jerky, clip-like editing style did not benefit the cartoon either, and the general shortcomings brought it closer to Minions rather than to the best animated masterpieces like Monsters on Vacation.

Finally, the domestic disaster film “ Crew ” closes the top five novelties in the USA cinema space. It is very pleasant to see such a steady interest in the project from our moviegoers - the blockbuster Nikolai Lebedev , having only 309 copies at its disposal, gained 11.8 million rubles for the sixth weekend . By updating the project counter, you can see that it has come close to one and a half billion and still occupies the third line in the list of the most successful hits of 2016. It is unlikely that the film will be able to repeat its feat next week, but no one expects it from it - a worthy performance at the box office and positive reviews from reviewers have already secured the title of one of the best USA films of the year for "Crew ".

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Author: Jake Pinkman