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Amber Heard awaiting a divorce from Aquaman?

Image This spring it became known that the management of the studio Warner Bros. decided to entrust Amber Heard with the role of the queen of the underwater world Mera in the cinematic universe DC. Since then, the actress managed to find herself in the center of the scandalous divorce proceedings with Johnny Depp, which can significantly replenish her bank account, but negatively affect her future career.

According to the portal TMZ , Amber may lose the role of the wife of Aquaman . The first appearance of the famous comic book heroine on the screens should take place in the "Justice League" tape, after which she will become one of the main characters in the solo album of the King of the Seven Seas. Today it became known that Heard did not appear to testify in the domestic violence case, citing the need to attend the fitting of the Measures suit in London. At the same time, insiders learned that the actress never flew to the capital of Great Britain.

According to rumors, recently Amber has lost at least 10 kg, which is why her appearance did not suit the creators of the MCU DC , who preferred to cancel the fitting of the suit. The trial between Heard and Depp is dragging on, and therefore the actress runs the risk of not having time to cope with stress and restore her condition by the time the filming of " Justice League " starts. Insiders do not rule out that the studio management will have to urgently search for a new performer for the role of Mera .


WB officials have so far declined to comment.

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