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Oliver Stone's son will follow in his father's footsteps

Image The renowned filmmaker Oliver Stone has decided to help his son Sean directing career. As reported by Deadline , the three-time Oscar laureate entrusted his son with the work on the adaptation of his own book A Child's Night's Sleep .

Stone Sr. began writing a semi-biographical novel in the mid-60s, when he chose to leave the prestigious Yale University and go to Saigon to teach English to local children. In 1966, he recovered as a student, but soon the work on the book began to take so much of his time and energy that he had to drop out again. In the spring of the following year, Oliver was drafted into the army and was forced to return to Southeast Asia already in the role of a military man. During his participation in the Vietnam War, the future director was twice wounded and awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals.

Not a single publisher was eager to publish a novel about a dark page in American history, which is why Stone , in a fit of despair, almost threw the manuscript into the East River. The book was able to see the light only in 1997, when the creator of the military dramas "Platoon" and "Born on the Fourth of July" had already gained worldwide fame.


As a child, Sean Stone often visited the set of his father's films. As a baby, he appeared on the screens in the film "Salvador", after which Oliver decided to give his son cameo roles in each of his new projects. In 2005, Sean had a chance to try his hand at directing: at the request of his father, he made a series of documentaries about the creation of the epic Alexander. The debut in fiction for Stone Jr. was the low-budget horror film The Cursed Stone, which received devastating press reviews.

According to Sean himself, he has been working on the script for “ Baby's Sleep for the past 16 years. Ultimately, Stone Jr. chose to adapt the novel to modern realities. The action of the film will unfold against the backdrop of the tragedy of September 11, after which the protagonist, against the will of his family and friends, decides to join the ranks of the American army.


Emmett / Furla / Oasis Films studio is ready to provide funding for the war drama. The production team for Sean Stone is expected to begin work in April next year.

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Author: Jake Pinkman