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Brad Pitt is about to fly to the stars

Image After Paramount officially removed the sequel to World War Z from the list of releases and postponed it indefinitely, Brad Pitt has some free time in his filming schedule. The press is already discussing which film will be the next for the Hollywood star, and it looks like Pitt will set off to conquer space.

During his long career in big cinema, the actor managed to play in many films, but in none of them he had to be in space, despite the fact that some elements of science fiction are present in The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button and The Twelve Monkeys. According to the site Deadline , Pitt is currently eyeing the lead role in the Ad Astra ( To the Stars *) from the director of "Passion Fatal" James Gray.

If Pitt agrees to take part in the filming, he will play an autistic engineer, whose father 20 years ago went on a space mission to Neptune in search of evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Now the main character, having matured, is going on a journey across the solar system to find his father and find out why his mission failed.


Pitt and Gray have long dreamed of working together. At first, the actor planned to play in the thriller "The Gray Man", however, the work on it never got off the ground. After Brad he was going to play the main role in the Lost City of Z by the same Gray , but Charlie Hunnam got it in the end, and his senior colleague in the workshop remained on board the picture as producer.


Gray co-wrote the script for the new film with Ethan Gross (Beyond the Boundary), and insiders believe that the project will soon receive support from New Regency , and its shooting may begin in the summer, just when work on the second "War of the Z Worlds" was supposed to be carried out. By the way, all is not lost for her: David Fincher is again showing interest in the sequel, but the blockbuster script still needs some work.

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