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Casting: Jailbreak and Start a New Life

Image According to the news site Variety , Sam Claflin ("Love, Rosie") will star in the crime thriller Semper Fi . Filming is set to begin this summer in Vancouver, with Henry Alex Rubin (No Connection) in charge. He is also one of the authors of the script for the project along with Sean Mulin ("Amira and Sam").

In the new film, Claflin will play a police officer who, on top of that, is in the Marine Corps Reserve along with a group of old friends. When, during a brawl in a bar, his younger brother accidentally kills a man, and then tries to escape from the city, the protagonist makes him answer for the crime. However, upon returning from Iraq, where he was transferred, the former cop finds out that his brother's appeal was rejected, which means that it is time to release him from prison at any cost.

Judging by the producers' words, viewers will see something in the spirit of the popular TV series "Escape" - the same themes of loyalty, the importance of family ties, brotherly love and a thrilling prison break.

Sam Claflin this year can be seen in two films at once - the dramas "My Cousin Rachel" and "The Nightingale".


John Cusack ("Being John Malkovich") has signed up for the thriller Broken Ridge . The director's chair of the project will be taken by Lucky McKee ("Woman"). It is noteworthy that the actor and director have already worked together on the film "Failure", which is now at the stage of post-production. The action of the new film will unfold in the Great Smoky Mountains, and in the center of events will be two brothers investigating a series of murders. Cusack , according to the source, got the role of a resourceful businessman who left his family to start a new life with money stolen from a client. The actor will be accompanied by Daniel Zovatto and Willa Fitzgerald.


Another replenishment took place in the cast of the horror movie " The Nun " - he was joined by Ingrid Bisu ("Tony Erdmann"). The film, which is a spin-off of the second "The Conjuring", is directed by Corinne Hardy ("Out of the Dark").

In the story, a young nun from a secluded monastery in Romania committed suicide. A priest and novice sent by the Vatican take on the investigation of this strange case. They have to learn a terrible secret and come face to face with evil forces in the form of a demon nun from "Conjuring 2" . Ingrid Bisu will play one of the inhabitants of the monastery - sister Oanu .

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