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Well forgotten reds. Rescuers Malibu Trailer

Image Dwayne Johnson , a charming giant with a wide smile and broad shoulders, is now in favor of both directors and the public. Over the past five years, all films with The Rock in the foreground have been commercially successful and have received overwhelmingly positive reviews. This time, Johnson is accompanied by the winner of the MTV Movie Awards 2014 for the best shirtless scene - Zac Efron.

The film "Rescuers Malibu" is a full-length reboot of the popular TV series of the last century, in which model-looking rescuers ran beautifully along the coast. In the new film, only the leading actors have changed.In the center of the plot - all the same beach lifeguards of athletic build and outstanding forms. Red swimwear is still in vogue. The scene is the Pacific coast. Heroes Johnson and Efron risk their lives day in and day out, protecting vacationers from accidents. But one day the protagonists find out that one oil corporation is going to destroy their coast. The reason, as always, lies in financial fraud, but the brave rescuers are going to defend their beach!

Staged a remake of Seth Gordon, who has included the comedies "Horrible Bosses" and "Four Christmases".

Dubbed trailer

The USA premiere of Rescuers Malibu is scheduled for May 11 .

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