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Annabelle's curse overtook the US box office

Image Last weekend ( August 11-13 ), a new creation by producer James Wang and his team behind The Conjuring franchise revived a bitter North American box office, which is going through hard times - financials the current season of blockbusters is already 12% behind last year.

Horror movie " The Curse of Annabelle: The Origin of Evil " opened in theaters with a result of $ 35 million . For the genre, this summer was not the most successful period. Not only did the distributors hold back many major premieres until the fall, but also those who nevertheless went to conquer the rental ("Alien: Covenant", "Box"), did not live up to expectations. The audience has not seen a successful horror since February, when the premiere of the film "Get Out" took place. It is hoped that other representatives of the genre - It and Saw 8 - will follow in the footsteps of The Curse of Annabelle.

If we compare the results of the second part with the rest of the projects of the franchise, then it earned a little less than the first film, which started with $ 37.1 million , and a little more lost to "The Conjuring" and its sequel. starting with $ 41.9 million and $ 40.4 million , respectively. Outside the US The Curse of Annabelle: The Beginning of Evil raised $ 36.7 million . Considering that the budget of the horror was only $ 15 million , it already in its debut week more than recouped the costs of the studio Warner Bros.


The first screening of the sequel took place in early summer at the Los Angeles Film Festival, where the tape received many accolades. While the viewer may feel a sense of deja vu when watching a film, director David F. Sandberg knows how to scare the audience. He uses the tactics of the old school - masterfully plays with light, composition, gradually whipping up the atmosphere. Some reviewers liked the second part even more than the first - here the characters are more interesting, and the ending is not so controversial.

True, viewers gave the new Annabelle's Curse an average rating of B , and next weekend will show whether the Sandberg feed will be able to keep the audience, because it will have two strong competitors at once - "Killer's Bodyguard" and "Logan's Luck".


Last weekend turned out to be very successful for the studio Warner Bros. - the second The Curse of Annabelle easily became the leader of the North American distribution, and Dunkirk passed the mark in $ 150 million in the home box office. The past weekend brought the epic of Christopher Nolan another $ 11.4 million , and now he has an impressive amount of $ 363.7 million , taking into account income from other countries >.


In the third place of the top-5 was the cartoon " Real Squirrel 2 ", which set an anti-record. The animation tape received more than 4 thousand copies, but managed to earn only $ 8.9 million over the weekend. Until recently, the title of the worst in this category belonged to " Emoji movie " with its $ 24.5 million , and before that the new "Mummy" distinguished itself with $ 31.7 million , collected in 4,035 cinemas. In addition, the second "Real Squirrel" was significantly inferior to its predecessor - she mastered a decent $ 19.4 million at the start. Viewers were generous with a good B + rating for the cartoon Callan Brunker . According to critics, visually, the sequel is not bad.

The long-suffering " Dark Tower " ended the week on the fourth line - it added $ 7.9 million to its piggy bank, having lost almost 60% of its audience. And it seems that there is no good for Roland Deshane in the North American box office - now there is $ 34.3 million against the $ 60 -million budget. The problem is that outside of their native cinemas the picture Nikolai Arsel also suffers from a lack of attention - overseas viewers were generous with only $ 19.3 million . Sony will probably have to reconsider their plans for the future of the franchise.

Closing the top five is "Emoji Movie" , which earned another $ 6.6 million . The cartoon, which was smashed to smithereens by the reviewers, went through cinemas quite cheerfully: in the USA its achievements are estimated at $ 63.6 million , and worldwide - at $ 97.2 million (including household fees).

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Author: Jake Pinkman