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Melissa McCarthy will turn a new scam

Image In the comedy "Big Boss", the heroine of Melissa McCarthy was serving a sentence for an insider deal, and now the actress has decided to try on a different kind of fraud. According to The Hollywood Reporter , McCarthy has been cast in the lead role in the comedy " Can You Forgive Me? ", previously directed to Julianne Moore.

The film will be based on the memoirs of Lee Israel , which were adapted by Nicole Holofsener. She originally planned to head the shooting, but as a result, the director's chair of the project will be taken by Mariel Heller, who announced herself after the release of the indie-drama A Teenage Girl's Diary.

McCarthy will play the role of Lee Israel , a talented biographer who skillfully wrote letters on behalf of deceased celebrities. To make ends meet, Israel not only wrote opuses for dead stars, but also sold valuable originals stolen from the archives. After being exposed, the court favored Li and sentenced her to six months of house arrest.


Melissa McCarthy was nominated for a Golden Globe for her performance in last year's The Spy comedy Melissa McCarthy , and will be featured in the Ghostbusters reboot this summer.

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