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Goodbye Mr. Hurt

Image Only recently were those who left in 2016 recalled, and now the outstanding British actor John Hurt has passed away. As Hollywood Reporter reports, on the evening of January 27, the veteran of the screen and stage left this world at the age of 77.

During his long and eventful career, which lasted more than half a century, the actor has created many memorable images - different, contradictory and often eccentric. Weird astronaut Kane ("Alien"), freak John Merrick ("Elephant Man"), insecure fighter against the regime ("1984"), ruthless dictator ("" V for Vendetta), the head of British intelligence (Spy, get out!) And even the wand master (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) - all these unique characters found life on the screen thanks to the great actor.

The professional film community also favored the outstanding British - the Americans presented him with a Golden Globe , and the British chose him four times as a BAFTA laureate.


In 2015, the actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. But due to the fact that the disease was detected at an early stage, the treatment was successful. The cause of John's death has not yet been disclosed.

Until the very last days of his life, Hurt led an active creative life, his shooting schedule was scheduled for months in advance. It is a pity that these plans are no longer destined to come true ...

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Author: Jake Pinkman