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Spielberg + Jackson: Secret Project and Sequel to Tintin

Image More than a year and a half has passed since the premiere of the final film of The Hobbit trilogy, and Peter Jackson has yet to announce his next project. In December 2014, the Oscar-winning director admitted that he was going to work on low-budget films in his native New Zealand. At the end of last year, Jackson revealed the secrets of creating a film adaptation of Tolkien's famous work, after which it became finally clear why he decided to take a break from blockbusters.

At one time, Peter was supposed to take over from Steven Spielberg the helmsman of the franchise about the reporter Tintin , but then he had to urgently replace Guillermo del Toro in director's chair of the film adaptation of " The Hobbit ", which they decided to turn from a dilogy into a trilogy right in the course of filming. Naturally, all this time fans of the animated film " The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn " were looking forward to the moment when Spielberg and Jackson would clarify the situation around the long-awaited sequel.


In an interview with the New Zealand edition of Time Out Magazine Spielberg announced that the continuation of the story about Tintin will definitely see the light, and also shared interesting information about the nearest plans of his friend and colleagues. “ Peter is currently working on a film for my company Amblin Entertainment , Stephen stated. -This is a secret project about which we don't tell anyone anything. Once Jackson finishes his creation, he will take on the second part of “ The Adventures of Tintin".

Spielberg has not yet clarified whether their secret project will receive a modest budget, or if Jackson is already ready to return to the world of expensive paintings.


As for the new film about the famous comic book character of the Belgian artist Herge, it was previously planned that it will be called "The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun". Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis are expected to reimagine its main characters using motion capture technology.

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