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Andrew Garfield will go to Afghanistan

Image Andrew Garfield , star of The Amazing Spider-Man comic, Mel Gibson's military drama For Conscience, and Martin Scorsese's recent film Silence, will star in Black Lion( Black Lion *), which will be based on the real story of a war correspondent in Afghanistan.

The plot revolves around Carlos Mavroleon - a British aristocrat who left a promising job as a Wall Street trader, finding his calling in military journalism. He was one of the first journalists to discover the link between Pakistan and al-Qaeda. The film takes place during the last mission of Mavroleon , which he did for the program "60 minutes" on CBS . The fearless reporter had to infiltrate Afghanistan after the 1998 missile strikes by the Clinton administration against Osama bin Laden's camps. Mavroleon was found dead in a Peshawar hotel. It was not possible to establish the circumstances of the death.


Alessandro Camon, who won the Oscar for Best Screenplay for the military melodrama The Messenger, will work on the script. Garfield will produce alongside Rupert Fowler and Daniela Taplin Lundberg. Stay Gold Features studio has acquired the rights to the painting and will be engaged in its production.

* - preliminary translation.

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