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Winnie the Pooh's Fairyland

Image Disney continues to actively work on returning the heroes of its cartoons in a new format of feature films for them. Kenneth Branagh's Cinderella delighted the audience with a beautiful and vivid picture, John Favreau's The Jungle Book opened a new stage in the field of special effects, and Beauty and the Beast promises to become another hit for the studio next year.

On this wave, House of Mouse does not abandon the idea of making a picture called Christopher Robin ( Christopher Robin ), which tells the story of the hero of the same name from the stories about Winnie the Pooh . According to the site The Hollywood Reporter , the studio has invited Mark Forster to take the director's chair of the project. The director will have to realize the script by Alex Ross Perry (Listen, Philip).

According to the source, in the center of the film will be the matured Robin , in the works of Alan Alexander Milne, who went on exciting adventures with the animals from the enchanted forest. Robin has grown up, and no longer has the same imagination as in childhood. He is a businessman who puts work above everything, even his own wife and daughter. When Robin's family is on the verge of collapse, the last thing he needs is the return of Winnie the Pooh . However, the latter needs help in finding friends, which means that Robin will have to help Pooh and not lose those dear to him.


During his career, Forster managed to work in a variety of genres: his track record includes both indie dramas like "Ball of Monsters" and "Runner with the Wind", as well as larger projects - "Quantum of Solace". World War Z, and Fairyland was nominated for several Oscars , including Best Picture.

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Author: Jake Pinkman