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McConaughey and billions. Gold Trailer

Image After Matthew McConaughey stole the Oscars from under Leonardo DiCaprio's very nose in 2014, tempting offers fell on the Dallas Buyers Club star like a horn abundance. Those who follow the career of Matthew have long awaited the release of the film Gold from director Stephen Geagan, because in this story based on real events, the actor again got a complex and controversial a role for which he had to change significantly. Perhaps next year we will see McConaughey among the nominees for the main film award.

The plot focuses on a man named Kenny Wells . Kenny is a desperate gold digger, a real dreamer and at the same time a cunning businessman. All his life he waited for a chance to change his fate for the better. Enlisting the support of a partner, he goes to the deep Indonesian jungle in search of a gold mine and safely finds it, and not just any, but the largest in the last ten years. Back home, Wells begins to waste money and make deals, completely oblivious to what this may lead to.

The plot is based on the real story of a Canadian company, whose shares jumped in price after its representatives discovered a gold deposit. However, later it turned out that there was no vein there, and the precious metal samples were not real. It is difficult to understand from the trailer whether the story with fake gold will be involved in the film, but the main character will certainly have a lot of other problems.

Dubbed trailer

Toby Kebbell and Bryce Dallas Howard also took part in the filming of the drama. The release of the film in USA is scheduled for March 2 next year, but in the meantime you can watch how bald McConaughey chokes off champagne and strokes a tiger ...

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