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“Artificial Intelligence. Unlimited access. ” The trailer is not about IT

Image Once again, John Moore , the director of the fifth part of Die Hard and Max Payne, decided to speculate on the topic of cybersecurity and the consequences of creating artificial intelligence. The relationship between humanity and information technology is always a hot topic for filmmakers. Each film maker is looking for his own approach to its disclosure, and, judging by the presented trailer, the plot of the new film MooreArtificial Intelligence. Unlimited access ”will develop in the same way as the story in“ Cyber ”or“ Who am I ”. However, not as much attention has been paid to the technologies of the future as it seems at first glance. They are just the setting for the human conflict that has come to the fore.

According to the synopsis, viewers will be offered to look at the life of a successful businessman and inventor Michael Regan (Pierce Brosnan), who created a real piece of technological art - a smart home. High technologies make the life of his family easier and more comfortable, but neither the scientist nor the people close to him suspect that they will soon fall into the trap of gadgets made by Regan . And this will happen due to the fault of the IT-specialist Ed , whom Michael once invited to his house. The young genius became overly intrusive and very quickly moved from simple, albeit illegal, surveillance of an unsuspecting family to a dangerous war, where artificial intelligence became a weapon.

Artificial Intelligence. Unlimited access "
Duplicate trailer

So far, the trailer for the technotriller does not amaze with originality or unexpected author's findings in the theme, which has recently been presented by such high-budget films as "Supremacy" and modest but deep independent films like "Out of the Machine". Moreover, the video for " Artificial Intelligence " does not even spoil moviegoers with interesting technical devices. But it wins over with the participation in the project of such stars of Hollywood and European cinema as Anna Friel, Mikael Nyquist and Pierce Brosnan. The latter is John Moore's trump card . September 22 The USA public will have a chance to find out if the film will shine with something else besides the acting of the former Bond .

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Author: Jake Pinkman