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US Box Office Fears Pennywise

Image " It " came and won. This past weekend ( September 8-10 ), the US box office finally waited for a release that helped move it away from a bad summer season. The new film adaptation of Stephen King's novel was launched at the box office, breaking several records at once, and the film Andres Muschetti broke away from the previous leader by almost $ 110 million .

So, It raised $ 117.2 million and showed the best debut result for a horror with a rating of R , almost three times surpassing the box office of the third " Paranormal Activity "( $ 52.5 million ). The film also became the best September release ever for the box office, beating the achievements of the second "Monsters on Vacation" ( $ 48.5 million ). If you look at the results of this year only, then the film adaptation was second only to "Beauty and the Beast" and the second part of "Guardians of the Galaxy". Plus, after just three days in theaters, It boasts to be the fifth highest grossing adult-rated horror movie.

At the same time, distributors predicted the Muschetti tape will start from the mark of $ 65-70 million , and the horror could well earn more than its $ 117.2 million , if not for hurricane in Florida, where nearly two hundred movie theaters closed. However, even with such indicators, IT has already three times exceeded its production budget of $ 35 million in fees, which is considered rather modest by today's standards. In addition, viewers from other countries did not stint and added $ 62 million to the film's piggy bank.


On the site CinemaScore "It" received an average rating of B + , but most critics were impressed by the horror. That there is only a clown Pennywise performed by Bill Skarsgard! An old-school approach to horror, a dark picture and a nostalgic story of growing up - this is what Muschetti offers viewers in his version of "It" . Perhaps the tape is not the best adaptation of King , but, according to reviewers, it is more in tune with the work of King of Horrors .

Such a warm welcome in theaters for horror means that the release of the second part in 2019 will be awaiting viewers with great anticipation. In the meantime, "It" will continue to conquer the box office, and next week will show how many viewers Pennywise will take away the new film by Darren Aronofsky.


In second place was another newcomer to the rental, the romantic comedy " Visiting Alice ". The tape with Reese Witherspoon in the title role showed not particularly impressive results at the start, having mastered only $ 9 million in the first week. In much the same way, with $ 8.6 million , Bridget Jones 3 began its tour of cinemas. Viewers gave the film Holly Meyers-Shyer an average rating of B , and in this case the critics agree with them.

Reese Witherspoon is great as a single mother and romantic comedy is perfect for an actress, but that's where the positives of rom-com end. Debutante Holly Meyers-Shyer is still growing and growing up to her mother Nancy Meyers, considered one of the gurus of the genre. The script for Visiting Alice turned out to be rather weak, and critics compare the film to a sitcom, in which they forgot to insert jokes, and the romantic component leaves much to be desired.


The third position was taken by the leader of recent weeks, the militant " The killer's bodyguard ". The film added $ 4.9 million to the film's financial asset, and now its home grossing is $ 64.9 million . The Patrick Hughes feed has already surpassed the second RED, Agents A.N.K.L. and Nicefellas, but still falls short of the Two Barrels ( $ 75.6 million ) result.


The fourth line is occupied by the horror film " The Curse of Annabelle: The Origin of Evil ", which lost almost half of its audience in a week. Spectators brought another $ 4 million to the horror piggy bank, bringing its box office to an impressive $ 96.3 million . Thanks to international film fans who spent $ 184 million to watch the sequel, David F. Sandberg has already paid back its budget more than ten times.

Closes the five best thriller " Windy River " with a result of $ 3.2 million . Taylor Sheridan grossed a total of $ 25 million , which is not bad for a movie with a budget of $ 11 million .

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