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Casting: Winnick to the drivers, McCarthy to the muppets

Image Vikings star Catherine Winnick has once again decided to switch from television to cinema. This time, the actress will accompany John Travolta, Mira Sorvino and Jordi Mollier in Speed Kills , according to the Variety information portal.

The director's chair of the project is assigned to John Lewsenhope ("The Raider Boys"), who wrote the film script in collaboration with David Aaron Cohen ("The Devil's Property").

The painting was inspired by the life story of Don Aronov - a millionaire, a famous racer and winner of many speedboat competitions. Also Aronov is the creator of the boat Cigarette and other popular bullet boats. Katherine Winnick in the film got the role of Lilian Aronov - the second wife of a businessman.

Already in the summer, Winnick can be seen in the long-awaited film adaptation of The Dark Tower. The actress will also return to the role of Lagertha in the fifth season of Vikings , due out later this year.


Following the Gemini Man project brought back to life by Ang Lee, another film that has been in development for many years has found a second wind. The film The Happytime Murders from Brian Henson got Melissa McCarthy for the main role.

The idea of the Henson project was submitted back in 2008. It was supposed to be a comedy about muppets with a rating of R . The action of the tape will unfold in a world where people and their felt friends live side by side, but the latter are still considered second-class citizens. Los Angeles is engulfed in a wave of murders - one after another, dolls from the children's show begin to die. The only one who can solve this case turns out to be a private detective, who, like the victims, is a Muppet, and he turns to his longtime police colleague for help. McCarthy is likely to play the only human hero in this story - the same detective. Previously, Jamie Foxx applied for this role, but negotiations with him were not crowned with success.


Recently, Shia LaBeouf ("Transformers") has appeared in the press more often due to public protests and various art projects. However, the actor does not forget about his calling - he got a role in the adventure drama The Peanut Butter Falcon . The script for the film was written by Tyler Nilson and Mike Schwartz, and they will also lead the shooting. The events of the film will revolve around Zach - a guy with Down syndrome who escapes from a disabled home to fulfill his dream of going to a wrestling school in the hope of someday becoming a professional wrestler. LaBeouf will play a petty robber, like the main character on the run. He will suddenly become a coach and friend for Zach .

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